Today’s Q&A had me thinking: is “organic” really that important?

Someone on IG asked, “What is your take on organic food, avoiding paragons, and other chemicals in food and products we use? Do you avoid certain things or examine food labels?”

First, I want to disclaim this by saying I don’t live in a community struggling with widespread starvation or malnutrition, so I have the extreme privilege to be picky about my food and the products I bring into my home. Obviously in scenarios where food is scarce, a GMO corn cob is better than going hungry. But I also believe we humans waste SO MUCH that there would truly be enough for people if we got smarter about our practices, so is GMO food truly necessary?? Ehhh, I’m tempted to say no BUT THAT’S NOT YOUR QUESTION…

N E WAYZ. I do shop mostly organic. My gut feeling about pesticides and added chemicals and preservatives is that they can’t be good for us, and I do think they’re harmful, but even if I’m wrong, there’s no harm in going organic just to be safe. Plus, here in France, organic produce is extremely affordable! WAY more so than in Florida where I grew up. I actually bought like 2 kg of organic gala apples for less than 5 euros the other day. I got 3 huge organic bell peppers for less than 2 euros… it’s awesome. I also DO obsessively read labels! I’ve gotten super quick about it though because I know what I’m looking for, so it never takes me more than a couple seconds to skim a label and see what’s up.

What I look for in food:
– sugar!
– sneaky names for sugar or salt
– sneaky names for soy or corn products
– stuff I’ve never heard of
Basically, if it’s all real food I can find in my house or could theoretically make from scratch if I wanted, it’s a GO. If there’s some questionable things in there, it’s a NO.

As for beauty products, I’ll be honest that I think my makeup needs some improvement. I’m just attached to what I use because my skin is sensitive and you know when you find something you like, you don’t want to experiment. But eventually I will! My lotions, soaps, and skincare are all cruelty free and many are even vegan with no chemicals.

As long as I’m fortunate enough to be able to afford to make these choices, I’ll always vote in that direction with my purchases.

Over to you! What’s your take on organic food? Is it important to you, or not so much?