Grab a notebook & pen because I think EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU will get something from today’s Q&A.

I put the call out on social media yesterday asking you to share with me what you were struggling with.

Overwhelmingly, people said that they were struggling to find what they’re passionate about, or finding a purpose outside of work, or how to make what they love their career.

As someone who’s experienced ALL of these feelings, I felt so strongly about answering this one ASAP.

This is a special edition Q&A with a guest appearance from an expert, too 😉

You’ll get two different perspectives on how to find your passion & make a living with it: mine, which is more on the intuitive side, and Adrien’s which is more on the strategic side.

Aside from being a subject we’re both passionate about, this Q&A is FULL of hilarious outtakes. I kept it pretty unfiltered because that’s always more fun anyway!

Over to you! Do you know what your passion/purpose is? If not, where are you going to look? What’s going to be YOUR step 1? Share as much as you like! Thousands of people see these comments, and you never know who you may influence with your thoughts.