Bad Yogi Rebrands to Good Yogi After Change of Heart

Magazine to shift focus specifically to eastern yoga philosophy with secondary focus on calling out Bad Yogis for their unacceptable ways

Monday, April 1, 2018- Co-Founders of Bad Yogi, Erin Motz and Adrien Edwards, today announced their intention to rebrand Bad Yogi to Good Yogi after a change of heart that occurred during Erin’s second trimester of pregnancy.

“I realized that I was no longer living my truest self, by eating cheese and meat, drinking coffee, and (when not pregnant) indulging in wine. In an effort to stay woke AF, I made the decision to go vegan, but will also be doing a 10-day juice cleanse to rid my body of any previously consumed toxins from animal products,” said Erin Motz. “It felt wrong of me to remain the face of Bad Yogi with my shifted perceptions, so have decided it necessary to shift focus and we’ll now be known as Good Yogi, calling out all Bad Yogis and showing them the light to a better life. Adrien will be shifting his bodybuilding diet to vegan as well.”


Man, that was a tough couple of paragraphs to try to make up. Of course we’re not changing from Bad Yogi to Good Yogi.

We still, and always, believe that yoga is for anybody and everybody, from the prize winning deer hunter to the kale eating vegan.

We’re also not ones to be bullies, so certainly won’t be shaming any Bad Yogis for anything that they do. We’re just happy that you’re getting on your mats and practicing yoga how it works for you, whether it be from the comfort of your oldest sweatpants, or in your matching Lululemon leggings and top.

Thank you for being a part of the best community in the world. We’re a bit biased, but we believe it to be true.


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