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How to Establish Positive Habits to Transform Your Health

While we’re  in the early stages of 2019, and the verge of spring, we can safely say that this makes for the perfect time to kick-start your plan. Your plan to focus on rebuilding your health and revitalizing yourself. Thanks to the recent shift in the perception of health, we no longer merely focus on physical wellbeing. As relevant as it may be, but we also incorporate habits that focus on holistic health and include our emotional and mental vibrancy.

To that end, you can give your life a once-over.  You can introduce the habits that have been proven to help people lead better, healthier lives. If you are looking for fresh habits, here are several to help better your life.

Get your H2O intake in order

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, detox your skin, or simply get more energy, you’re most likely neglecting the one factor that has such a powerful impact on your health: water. Specifically, your water intake.  Even if you cut sugar, skip the soda, and opt for green tea over coffee. If you’re not supporting those choices with optimal hydration, you’re most likely depriving your body of its most essential energy source.

This simple, but profound habit is one of the most rewarding ones you can choose for revitalizing your health. Water is vital in every single metabolic process, it helps your body detox naturally through sweat, urine and other bodily processes, and it’s key in helping your body absorb the nutrients you consume through food. Having a hard time with keeping an eye on your drinking habit? Get a reusable water bottle, preferably an insulated one, perfect for all occasions.

Start a new yoga flow

Unlike many other exercise regimes that solely focus on physical benefits of working out, practicing yoga is a holistic approach to your physical and mental wellbeing. It’s a wonderful habit to include into your schedule, even if it’s just twice or thrice per week, so that you can start to feel the benefits. For starters, yoga does wonders for helping you detox from stress and lower cortisol production.

Breathing exercises have a relaxing effect, and when combined with asanas and stretches they can help heal depression, anxiety, and any other chronic health issues you might be experiencing. Yoga is also a great way to increase physical strength, flexibility, and balance, which will help you maintain a stronger immune system and a more resilient mind.

Homeopathy to the rescue

When you have very specific health goals to chase, such as weight loss, you can use all the help you can get, and homeopathy can be your source of inspiration. For example, tweaking your diet alone can often be an arduous journey, but when you complement healthy eating with homeopathic weight loss drops, you can reach your fitness goals faster and in a healthy, controlled manner. When you have an eating regime to follow, an exercise routine, and this powerful aid, you can help your body burn fat much more efficiently, and target very specific fat zones.

However, it’s not about short-term or aesthetic results alone. On the contrary, when you go the extra mile and do your best to restore your weight to what’s optimal for you, you’ll have more energy, more desire to be active, and your body’s resilience will flourish.

Green up your plate

Every nutritionist under the sun has named this one of the key choices every single one of us should consider for a longer, healthier life: more plants in our diet! At this point, it’s no longer about losing weight. Even if you’re fit and strong, focusing on veggies can help increase your wellbeing significantly over time, providing you with all those essential micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals that most of us neglect in our everyday diets.

If you’re a lover of dairy and meat, you can still balance your meals so that you dedicate more of your diet to plants. For example, you can introduce fruit and veggie smoothies, swap your meats for beans and other lean protein sources, and start with meatless Mondays as a great way to see how your body and mind function on a no-meat diet. Of course, quality still matters the most, so consume predominantly local and seasonal fruits and veggies for the best effect.

Use apps to help your habit-building

In spite of the many downsides of technology infiltrating our everyday lives, the digital revolution has also brought about many useful opportunities for those who are looking to improve their health. When we lack time to use notebooks, write down our daily food consumption, and spend time manually calculating our calorie expenditure, your phone can do it for you.

If you’re having trouble tracking your meals, calories, your fitness effectiveness, or even your daily meditation practice, there are many apps you can download for that precise purpose. They are simple to use, and they will help you completely restore your health with minimal effort. And track all of your healthy habits for better results.


With 2019 well under way, you can re-start those resolutions. Or simply start a new list of goals that will add value and meaning to your life. Use these habits to restore and empower your own health. You’ll be ready to tackle the next round of entirely new resolutions for upcoming years!


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