As Pokémon GO gets more and more popular, the opposition gets louder and grumpier:

“Quit playing games and do something useful! This is so stupid!”

“If everyone wasting time with Pokémon GO actually contributed to society, we’d have world peace.”

“I hate fun.”

Okay, I haven’t actually seen anyone post that last one, but they might as well have, because that’s pretty much what they’re saying.

Look, I’m sure you Poké-haters are indeed spending every minute of your waking life saving the world instead of watching Game of Thrones, taking funny videos of your cat, or posting messages on Facebook that try to ruin everyone’s fun.

Oh, wait…

(Okay, bad yogi rant over. I’m wearing my literal and figurative yoga pants for the rest of this article.)

Here’s the beautiful thing about this physical world we live in: we all get to decide for ourselves how to waste our time.

And by waste, I mean spend. I do. We choose how to spend our time. We choose where to find joy. Personally, I, like many of you, do find a certain measure of joy in the well-crafted story, stunning visuals, and witty dialogue that is Game of Thrones. I also find joy in yoga, margaritas, talking to my friends, going to the gym, reading, and playing with my dog. And I spend my fair share of time on Facebook and random internet-y things, which I must find joyful, as well, or I wouldn’t bother.

Doing things that make you happy is never a waste of time.

And telling other people they’re wasting their time by playing a game is like me saying, “You’re wasting your time on every single thing you do that’s not yoga.”

Not only would I be condemning myself (since I spend at least a couple of hours every day doing things that are probably the opposite of yoga in some way), people would roll their eyes at me. Because that statement is silly. Not everyone likes yoga.

And not everyone hates Pokémon GO.

Let people like what they like.

And whether you like it or hate it (after you tried it yourself, right?), we can all give thanks for Pokémon GO. It has either given us an enjoyable new pastime, or it has shown us what we don’t want to do, and that’s an incredible tool for figuring out what it is we do want.

Besides, bad yogis everywhere should be finding a great deal of inspiration from Pokémon GO. Have you seen Seel’s scorpion or Totodile’s tree pose? Impressive.

Do you play Pokémon GO? Why or why not?