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Give Yourself a Personal Care Package With These Simple, Inexpensive Self-Gifts

Good, generous people that spend their lives giving to others can often neglect the most important person in their lives — themselves. First, accept that you deserve to be the best version of you that you can be. Next, realize that this can only be achieved if you allow yourself to give a little — to you! Here are some budget-friendly self-gifts you should consider this year.

Something to help your diet

What could give your overall health a bigger boost than a way to eat healthy — at least most days of the week? Give yourself the gift of a meal delivery service, which will deliver fresh, healthy ingredients ready for you to cook. Not only will you learn to be a better cook, but meal delivery services make eating right incredibly easy, variable, and even fun. There are tons of meal delivery companies out there, so be sure to do your research (;  and find the best option for your lifestyle and dietary needs.

Something to help you stay fit

You don’t need to join an expensive gym, buy a thousand-dollar piece of home exercise equipment, or run marathons to stay fit and healthy. Through a combination of moderate cardio and at-home strength training, you can get a total body workout every single day. Everything you need to do this is fairly inexpensive. Fulfilling, effective exercise is only a few resistance bands, basic free weights, a yoga mat, or some kettlebells away.

Something to help keep you organized

Few things cause more undue stress, and therefore poor health, than being disorganized. Some of us — no matter how hard we try — cannot keep track of our tasks or schedules. For less than $50, you can get some help by purchasing a voice-activated home assistant for yourself. Google, Amazon, and Apple all offer versions of this product. They can do so much more than you think!

Something to let you get your thoughts out

People have been writing their thoughts, dreams, joys, and heartbreaks in journals for centuries. Why? Because it’s cathartic. Journaling allows for the outpouring of emotions — something that can benefit your overall mental health. For the cost of a notebook and a pen, you can reap the many benefits (stress relief, improved creativity, a boost to problem-solving skills, and advancement of emotional intelligence, to name a few) of keeping a daily log of your innermost thoughts.

Journaling also makes it easier to grow emotionally, spiritually, or however else you need to. As Psych Central points out, all that tracking and detailing of your life helps “when current circumstances appear insurmountable,” as you will be able to “look back on previous dilemmas that you have since resolved” and learn from them.

Something to give you the greatest gift of all: time to relax

Without time to ourselves — time spent recharging our batteries — we can all experience burnout. When this happens, we become unhealthy. Our mental health diminishes. We are unable to be good parents, friends, partners, and employees. That’s why relaxation is key. Spend less than $50 to hire a babysitter for the evening. Use an app to hire someone to walk your dog for you. Get a massage. These are all relatively inexpensive services, but can make all the difference in your life.

Think about taking one or all of these inexpensive gifts, putting them in a basket, putting a bow on top, and then giving that package to yourself. Don’t wait for your birthday or a holiday. The first step in prioritizing your own self-care is giving yourself some of the things you need to succeed. Start today.

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