The Perfect Yoga Mat for this Holiday Season

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The holidays are quickly approaching, and it’s high time to find the perfect gift for your loved ones (bring on the pressure). If you have a yogi on your shopping list, are looking to introduce the magic of yoga to someone in your life, or simply want to treat yo’self for 2017, a new mat is an excellent gift. And regardless of where you may be in yoga journey, a quality mat can take any practice to the next level.

The team at thoroughly researched the best yoga mats available on the market. After evaluating over 30 mats for factors like durability on variable surfaces and high temperatures, eco-footprint, weight, and size, and consulting yoga experts and students, they created a helpful guide that outlined their recommendations.

Which yoga mat beat out the competition?

According to their research, the Manduka PROlite was named as the best overall yoga mat. Manduka offers a lifetime guarantee and hits the marks for durability, comfort, and grip. According to a yoga instructor interviewed for the study, the mat “gets better with age” and, once it is properly broken in,  it fits “like a glove.”

Right behind the Manduka PROlite was the The Mat from Lululemon, which was named the best non-slip mat, ideal for hot yoga lovers. The moisture-absorbing design of The Mat increases your grip with increased moisture. The mat features double sided technology, which means you can tailor it to your own practice.

Other options to consider include the Jade Harmony Professional Mat, which was named as the best eco-friendly options due it’s environmentally friendly natural rubber material, as well as the Gaiam Print Premium Mat, which stood at as the best budget-friendly option, costing a fraction of other top performing mats and offering lifetime warranty. 

The final superlative category on the list named Lululemon – The Mat as the best non-slip, sticky yoga mat. If you or someone you are shopping for loves a stable mat that won’t go anywhere, this should be your top choice.


Ultimately, the yoga mat you select should be determined by your needs and preferences. Consider the qualities that matter most to you before investing in a mat for yourself or a fellow yogi! Keep in mind that a mat is not a requirement to practice yoga, but can provide the grip and comfort for a safe practice!

What’s your favorite mat, yogis? Are you giving any yoga-related gifts to yourself or people in your life this year? Tell us in the comments!

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