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Our Hospital Bag Checklist

I’ve been feeling like it’s almost “go time” for at least the last 2 weeks. Not sure if this is an intuitive thing or just nerves, but either way, we’ve been ready, even though we still have time before our official due date.

I did a bunch of homework about the best things to pack in a hospital bag for birth, THEN I took to IG and asked some veteran moms for their must haves that weren’t necessarily found on every list out there.

I think I got some great suggestions and we feel pretty prepared!

For me:
I sooo wanted to be a minimalist with packing, but based on how much I do NOT want to be in a hospital, I’m bringing as much as I feel like I might want to feel cozy. I want to feel as comfortable as possible since it’s normal to stay at least 3 nights here in France. Yep, even for a totally normal, easy birth! Though, literally every single woman I’ve spoken to who’s given birth where we’ll be has said it’s like a hotel and we won’t want to leave. So fingers crossed!
– Birth plan
– Insurance docs/all pre-admission papers
– Wallet: ID
– Glasses
– Flip flops/shoes for hospital x2 (ruinable flips for shower/to leave behind + pair for everyday)
– Socks
– Bra top for birth in case of getting in bath x2
– Body oil/moisturizer
– Lip balm
– Snacks (dried fruit)
– Kindle
– Room spray/essential oils
– Speaker/headphones
– Playlists for relaxation
– Heating pad for labor
– Hair ties
– XXL Phone charger + portable charger
– Clothes for a few days stay
– Pajamas
– Robe
– Nursing bras
– Nursing pads
– Toiletries bag (deodorant, new toothbrush & paste, travel shampoo, cond, wash)
– Face wipes
– Makeup (for pictures & feeling a little fresher!)
– Lots of heavy duty undies (6 pair)
– Pump? Hakaa
– Nipple balm
– Perineal spray
– Pads (heard hospital ones are awful)
– Going home outfit
– Canvas bag to bring extras home they give you
– Gum
– Empty water bottle

For Adrien:
We live super close to the hospital, so we’re making the assumption he’ll come home to shower & change at least once or twice though he’ll sleep with us at the hospital.
– Extra clothes
– Pillow
– Cell phone + charger
– Portable charger
– Laptop + charger
– Group text/list of people to update
– Snacks & water bottle
– Cash/change
– Big camera + batteries
– Toothbrush/paste
– Gum

For Baby:
I am so very NOT worried about baby, because I’m confident the hospital will have everything we truly “need,” so the items I packed are minimal. I plan on keeping him mostly naked (except for a diaper) and wrapped in a blanket. It’s gonna be the height of summer and I want easy access for skin-to-skin, so this feels like it makes sense for us.
– 4 onesies (2 newborn, 2 0-3 months)
– 2 pairs of socks
– 2 aaden & anais blankets
– carseat
– 2 burp cloths (this feels unnecessary, but just in case)

How are we bringing all this?
We’ll have one carry-on size suitcase + 2 backpacks. We live in a city, so once it’s time to go to the hospital, Adrien will have to grab all this stuff, walk it down to the parking garage around the block, then drive to the front of our building to get me. The carseat is already be installed, but we can’t leave all these other things in a non-climate controlled garage underground. So it’s a bit of an effort, which is why we’re trying to keep it minimal-ish!

Over to you! Is there anything SUPER imperative you think we should add? Or anything you personally found really useful? Would love to hear it! 🙂 

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    August 10, 2019 at 12:38 am

    Curious to see what items on your list ended up not being needed and if there was anything you wished you packed. Sitting on 35 weeks and getting antsy about packing our bags as well!

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