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One Big Happy Yoga Family

I’m thrilled to say that my family has found a shared activity – one we enjoy even more than watching Netflix together or bickering with one another. Yes, you guessed it … we’re a yoga family!
My lovely wife has done yoga for years, even before we had kids. Our two daughters (aged 13 and 9) were drawn to yoga (well, at least to yoga clothes) by the Ivivva/Lululemon marketing phenomenon. Compared to the rest of my family, I’m a relative newbie, as I’m only about six months into my practice.
Here are some of the ways we enjoy yoga as a family, when we’re together (and even when we’re apart) …
  1. Kids’ yoga classes. The local Ivviva store (did I mention they/Lululemon are brilliant marketers?) holds yoga-themed events for tween and teen girls. I was grateful for these events at first because I could sneak in a nap after dropping off my girls at them; now that I know more about the benefits of yoga, I’m thrilled they’re getting great instruction and time to interact with the teachers and the other kids. And these days, I’ll go take a class of my own while the girls do yoga and check out the newest Ivivva pants.The yoga studio I go to also offers youth-oriented classes; while my firstborn is now too old (or maybe just too cool) for these, my nine-year-old goes every week … and comes home with a healthy glow, a positive vibe, and an art project.
  2. Yoga classes with Wifey. My wife and I are both members at the same studio, and make it a point to team up for at least one class a week. Though Wifey is certainly capable of working through heated level 2 classes, she’s fine with slumming it in a non-heated level 1 class with me. Another fave of ours to take together is the yin class; it’s nice to have someone next to me who can give me a kick when my Ujjayi breath turns into snoring.
  3. Yoga classes with the teen. My 13-year-old has already surpassed my ability with regard to soccer, running, surfing, etc. (admittedly the bar was low, but still). But as she’s also a relative yoga newbie, we’re able to grow in our practices at a similar pace … which I’m enjoying while it lasts.
  4. Impromptu yoga practice at home. I work from home, which involves sitting at a computer all day. I often break up the day with a quick yoga practice, either taking an online class (that’s how I found in the first place!) or just going through a few sun salutations. If the kids are home from school and see me doing this, they’re quick to join in, and even encourage me to “lead” our “class.” I say stuff like “shine your collarbones toward the bathroom” and “move into downward-facing dog … and stay in it even if the actual dog licks your face.”
  5. Yoga “support system.” Now, anytime I get grouchy around my family, I’m gently encouraged by them to get to the yoga studio ASAP.

Before I started doing yoga, I always thought it would be good for me … now I’m thrilled to know it’s good for me AND the ones I love the most!

Yogis, over to you! Is your family a yoga family? What are ways you’ve found to make yoga a family activity?

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  1. Amanda Sides

    Amanda Sides

    January 15, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    I LOVE doing yoga with my nephews! I’ve found that kids are almost always drawn to yoga. I hear reports from their parents that sometimes they pull out the mats on their own when I’m not there! I love hearing that. I hope I’ve been enough of an influence that they’ll pursue yoga as they grow. In the meantime, it’s a fun activity for us to do together.

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    April 1, 2017 at 5:04 am

    I love this article and I love yoga as well. This is the process where you are making your body fit. We should transfer our yoga knowledge to others. I do yoga with my family and others. When I was learning yoga my yoga teacher Dr. Sushil Yogi taught me that we should transfer the knowledge. I have done 200hrs yoga teachers training from Chandra yoga international Rishikesh.

  3. Avatar

    Yoga Retreats Rishikesh

    July 29, 2017 at 3:35 am

    I love to do yoga daily but sometimes my laziness fails me to continue it. But this blog is really awesome for the whole family most inspiring blog. Thanks!!!

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