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A Non-Yogi’s Guide to Valentine’s Day with Your Yogi

I love, love, love seeing yogi couples posting their creative and adorable acrobatic yoga pictures all over the internet! In picturesque settings with perfectly toned bodies, each posture is sealed with a smile, a loving gaze, or even a kiss. I swoon over these photos, and as fun as they look on the web, I would never expect my husband, Zach, to participate in this yogi-on-yogi action in real life.

Why? Because he’s not a yogi.

Reddix Valentines Day

Zach and I have a pretty good understanding. He knows that I’m head over heels (literally in a handstand) over my yoga practice, and I know that he will not be attending any of my classes or practicing with me in our kitchen. That’s just the way it is! That doesn’t mean that he respects my practice any less than a fellow yogi, and that definitely doesn’t mean that we don’t live mindfully as a couple.

So, if your S.O. is a non-yogi this Valentine’s Day, share this post with them! Here are a few things non-yogis can do this holiday to mindfully celebrate their yogi companions!

Give the Gift of Yoga

There is nothing more that a yogi loves than receiving the gift of yoga (other than his/her companion of course!). Yoga can be gifted in a variety of ways! A gift card to a favorite studio/spa, a prop such as a new block or bolster, a new pair of yoga pants, or a mala are such a thoughtful ways of saying, “hey, I took notice of what you love and this reminded me of you!”


This one might be a given! It really doesn’t matter if you cook or take your yogi out. Just be mindful of the meal! Whether your yogi is a vegan or not, most are at least somewhat into organic nourishment. Try something new with all-natural, locally grown produce, or a new restaurant that provides the highest quality, non-GMO choices. Sure, it might cost a little more, but it’s Valentine’s Day!

Photograph Your Yogi

Have you seen the internet? Yogis LOVE striking a pose for the camera and sharing their tricks with the world while tracking their progress through photographic evidence. Ask your yogi to get made up and host a miniature photoshoot! Want to level-up? Suggest postures! I’m sure you’ve seen your yogi doing some wild stunt at some point. You don’t need to know the name of the pose, just describe it, and your yogi with swoon  just knowing that you’ve noticed! It’s a big deal!


I promise, this is easier than it sounds. Meditation is a GREAT way to connect with anyone, especially your companion. Spending 5 minutes or more in complete silence, connecting with your breath, allows you and your yogi to share in a moment of complete mindfulness. Meditation doesn’t necessarily mean just sitting with your eyes closed and breathing. You can take a meditative walk, listen to music, hold hands, paint…Any activity that can be done slowly, with intention, and without any outside distraction.

Reddix Valentines Day

Get Out of Your Box

I know, I know. You don’t practice yoga. That’s okay! This is not a requirement. However, if you want to gain Valentine’s Day hero status, you could skip the gifts and just spend an hour with your yogi doing…gasp…yoga. There’s no need for contortionist flexibility, superhero strength, or even a pair of yoga pants. If you’re not comfortable going to a yoga class, simply set aside some time at home and ask your yogi to teach you how to Vinyasa. BONUS: Suggest taking one of those adorable yogi couple photos that are all over social media. When you (perhaps inevitably) fall, laugh! Pull your yogi down with you, and see where this Valentine’s Day yoga sesh takes you 😉

Reddix Valentines Day


Yogis: What would make you swoon this Valentine’s Day? Non-Yogis: How will you celebrate your yogi this year? Let me know in the comments below!

(watercolor images via Pinterest)

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  1. Amanda Sides

    Amanda Sides

    February 5, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    I know this doesn’t quite work with a non-yogi partner but….partner yoga, of course! It’s a powerful tool for connection. And sometimes even those non-yogi partners are willing to do ONE class with you as a gift for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. 🙂

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