We have all been faced with the decision to pig out on the couch or practice yoga. I would be lying to you if I told you I always chose my mat. For a period of time, I chose to pig out on the sofa 90% of the time. It is way easier and more comfy! Unfortunately, the couch won’t turn me into a handstand all-star. How did I learn to overcome the seduction of a good Netflix binge? Here are my 6 tips to get on your mat and on your way to reaching your goals!

  1. Talk to yourself

Talk to yourself about how you will feel after completing a yoga practice. Start with, “If I practice yoga I will feel better because…” or, “I will feel accomplished, confident, stronger, more flexible, etc.” Hype yourself up about your practice! Get excited! Eventually, going home and hopping on the mat will become second nature.


  1. Schedule yoga practice

Make it a priority. Write “practice yoga” on your to-do list, iCalendar, or planner. Make sure it is written somewhere frequently checked throughout the day so you are reminded.


  1. Create a yoga space

Find a spot in your house to turn into your yoga sanctuary. I have a little area in my house where I keep all my workout equipment. When I get home I go straight to that area, roll out my mat, and practice. You won’t have to think about where to practice. It’s all about making practicing as easy as possible.


  1. Write goals

Know why you are practicing? Want to achieve inner peace, greater flexibility, or strength? Make it personal and unique to you. Whatever it is, write it down, and revisit them periodically to update, check off, or add on. Goals give us a direction and purpose to what we are doing. They give us a “why”.


  1. Create the mood

Create the mood to get yourself in the mood! Light candles, play music, and put on your favorite yoga pants! I suggest wearing warm layers. As you warm up, peel them off.


  1. Buddy Up

Make a yoga friend! Someone you can talk yoga with regularly. It helps to surround yourself with people you admire. They will keep you motivated. You can do this through Instagram, taking an occasional yoga class at a local studio, or inviting a friend over to practice.


How do YOU keep yourself motivated to practice yoga at home? Sound off in the comments below!