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New Years Intentions

As the champagne pops on New Years Eve and we say goodbye to one year, and welcome in a new one it always feels like the beginning of a new Story, and a time to reflect on how you would like that story to unfold.

Often after the excesses of Christmas — food, alcohol, you name it — and with workouts often slipping a little lower down the priority list in the craziness of the holiday season, probably one of the most common new year resolutions is: “This year I will lose weight.” The reality is often a couple weeks of eating bland salads, cramming in as much exercise as you can, or even saying, “ah I’ll eat all the bad stuff in the house and then start tomorrow, and then I will also start exercising.” But as my dad says, tomorrow never comes.

Setting Positive New Years Intentions

Instead this year, let’s try setting a positive intention, a concrete call to action. Maybe, “This year I will love myself enough to fuel my body with healthy nutritious food.” Or, “I will aim try a new healthy recipe once a week/fortnightly.” Perhaps, “I will find a workout I enjoy and can fit in to my current schedule.”

Or maybe it’s,  “This year I choose happiness.”

Getting out of Your Comfort Zone

Or maybe you want to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new! “This year I will challenge myself to try something that scares me (in a good way).” This has been a big one for me — I’ve actually signed up for a 10k total warrior obstacle run! Mud, water, scaling obstacles, hoping my Yoga muscles help!! I’m terrified and excited in equal measures!
I love Erin’s mantra of letting go and trusting the process. I also love the quote that “when nothing is certain, everything is possible.” So my big intention for this year is stop being busy being busy and just slow down, trust the universe to bring what is meant for me when the time is right. Do what I love, love what I do :-).

I’d love to hear any intentions you set for yourselves!


Wishing all my Bad Yogi family a very healthy, happy New Year . May 2017 be your best story yet .

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