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How Naked Yoga Changed the Perception of My Body

image credit: Mariah Aro Sharp

In this day and age where we are constantly surrounded by images of the ‘ideal’ body being slim and smooth, it is sometimes hard to look ourselves in the mirror and accept what we see.

Not all of us fit the profile of the ‘perfect body’. Truth be told, I don’t think that many people really do. We all have lumps and bumps. We all have things that make us self-conscious, or make us shy away from showing our whole selves.

Then I stumbled across something incredible. It was a hot day in the summer and I was sweating. I was pushing through my daily yoga practice and began undressing.

By the end of the session I was in nothing but my underwear.

Naked Yoga

Everything changed for me by the end of that flow and I have not looked back since. I do not recall the last time I practiced with clothes on.

As I worked through my flow, I watched the way my body moved. With the eb and flow of movements, I saw how my body folded, gathered and reacted.

What was once a hideously squishy belly with rolls that prevented me from buttoning up my jeans properly, suddenly became a beacon of strength and endurance.

What Changed?

I soon stopped looking at the bunching up of the skin and the places where I had always thought I could afford to lose some weight. I instead focused and truly saw the strength rippling beneath my skin. I saw my muscles flex, I saw my limbs stretch, I was the power under everything I had resented for such a long time.

Following this revelation, I began to experiment with this concept. On days I was feeling particularly insecure or just plain frumpy, I picked out my laciest, frilliest and sexiest lingerie. I had never felt so attractive. I had never felt so empowered. I had never felt so in control of my self-worth.

Since I began this practice, I have put on 9 kilograms. Something that would make most women and the old me hide with shame. But believe it or not my feelings are just the opposite. I am the sexiest and most empowered I have ever felt.

I know it may sound uncouth to some, but I believe everyone should try this method just once, to truly see their bodies for what they are.


Have you ever tried naked yoga? Have you experienced a similar empowerment and appreciation for your body? Share your story in the comments below. 

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