I feel like I am forever nagging my sister to do some yoga with me because I know how much she’ll benefit from even a short Hatha session, let alone a daily Ashtanga workout. I’ve given her a yoga mat, a book on mediation, another book on mindfulness, all in the quest to find her some of the zen that I am currently wallowing in with my practice.

The tricky thing is, you know how we’re always saying yoga is for EVERYBODY and EVERYBODY should do yoga? And that Every. Body. Is. Capable. (see what I did there!). Well, I’m here to correct you (kinda).

Now, I appreciate that you can find a modification or a workaround for someone with a bad knee when doing warrior poses or a wrist injury in down dog but what on earth am I supposed to do for my sister and her chest issue….

You see, I don’t have massive knockers… they are barely on the boob-ometer, to be honest, so I have never even noticed that this is an actual thing. That some people really struggle to get themselves into child’s pose without using both hands to squish their boobs out of the way (kind of destroys the relaxing nature of the pose right?), that down dog can even cause a little suffocation, and that fish pose is simply out of the question.

I honestly couldn’t imagine this experience, but to put yourself into the “I can’t do yoga” category because of it seems extreme when the benefits of a yoga practice are also, um, gigantic!

I want to tell all of you folks whose boobies “can’t do yoga” that you can try yoga, even just the little bits that you are able to. There are so many asanas that could transform your back, chest and sides (well, you are lugging those things round all day, after all)! Please talk to your local instructor and ask for a one-on-one to give you the starting point you need away from a busy class.

Please do yoga. Your boobies will thank you for it.

OK, large-boobed friends, how do you modify your yoga practice so that it’s comfortable for you? Share your tips in the comments!