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Manifest Your Dreams: Set Intentions, Not Resolutions

Manifestations and Intentions

Instead of “New Year’s Resolutions” I prefer to call it “New Year’s Manifestations” as it encourages me to set intentions to manifest through out the year ahead. It helps me to set little goals or baby steps towards what I am manifesting which could take longer than a year and so this means I don’t end up quitting or feel guilty for not getting to an exact target.

Life is constantly changing from day to day and when you think things are running smoothly, suddenly an obstacle is thrown in your direction which feels catastrophic and causes set backs to certain plans you’ve been working on and so you give up.

Calling them manifestations (or Intentions) instead of “Resolution” takes a lot of weight off your shoulders and allows you to work with the flow of the universe. It also encourages you to look deeper within yourself to think about what is truly important to you as oppose to setting a mainstream resolution such as “I’ll drink less” or “I’ll go to the gym”, which you won’t commit to because your heart is not in it and it’s not personal to your journey, it’s just something everybody says during small talk at a dinner party.

Working Intentionally through the Chakras

For the past few years I have been working on my chakras, so for 2016 I’ve been concentrating on what is important to my Solar Plexus, how to heal it and how to grow from any pain associated with it. And the year before that I focused on my Sacral and so on.

So all through this year I set the intention on doing things associated with what is good for my solar plexus. This includes bringing confidence to my core identity, acknowledging who I am, strengthening my self-esteem and will power and taking action towards conscious decisions. It was telling my SELF I have the power to choose and knowing my worth. In doing this I became a kids yoga teacher, I worked as an activity leader for a language school, became a writer for Bad Yogi Blog, got my first tattoo and I had my first prose poem published with Elephant Journal! All this came into being because I believed in myself and I had confidence in my choices.

For 2017, I am setting intentions to work with the dual energy of my Heart and Throat Chakras, I am ultimately vocalizing my hearts desire without fear, it also involves listening to my heart and having the confidence to express how I feel and what I want externally. This is because I’ve been vocally repressed in certain parts of my life because outwardly I am quite gentle & quiet; this makes the louder, obnoxious types believe it gives them the right to boss me around. So people have spoken over me in conversations or shut me up instantly, I’ve been rudely rebuffed when I am in mid conversation about something I feel passionately about and I’ve been told the things I talk about are insignificant. I’ve been told not to fight back or repress hurt feelings when someone is rude or critical of me.

I’ve been made to feel, via conversations that my choices are not valid and that I should appreciate unwarranted advise and I’ve been told I’m too fat/thin/beautiful/wear too much make-up/don’t suit the colour red/that I’m thick/too sensitive/ too dependent/too independent /I should work full time/I should find another unsatisfactory job/I should wear my hair straight/wear my hair curly/that tattoos are wrong on women/that I’ll never achieve my dreams/that I should think practically/I should, at 31 want a baby/I should settle down/I should stop traveling and so on.

And quite frankly, it pisses me off that people DO NOT LISTEN to what an individual says they want and then further bombard said individual with the most trivial, unwanted advice on the planet.

I am tired, so tired of not being listened to or being made to feel that my voice doesn’t count, whether that is in family gatherings to work issues and social or global issues I care about.

So this 2017 I WILL be more vocal and if people dislike this new aspect to me, TOUGH! I’ll still be the same gentle, kind and loving Katie but there will also be a pinch of Sass if anyone attempts to put me down. It’s as simple as that.

An important stage of my life is on the horizon and it is a huge part of what I have been manifesting or working towards for at least four years now. I need to be more vocal about what my heart truly wants because this is where I will take the leap, follow my heart and blossom.

I feel ready and confident about the decisions I make and it is time now that people actually listen rather than judge or try to change me.

“This is what I am going to do.”

So here are a few things I am telling the critics “This is what I am going to do.”

1: I will be going on an intensive 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. I’ve been committed to Yoga for over 4 years now, I’ve studied diplomas in Yoga Philosophy, anatomy and chakra balancing and even though I still can’t stand on my head yet. I AM DOING THIS.

2: I will be setting up my freelance teaching business. I’ve wanted for so long, to create yoga and belly dance workshops, or Yoga with Art or a fusion of all three! I can clearly visualize myself out in the community helping children and adults alike through creativity and body movement. I will not be told I should spend my days working in an unsatisfactory job for the sake of money anymore.

3: I will be getting more tattoos because I find them beautiful. They look beautiful on female yogis like Eleonora Zampatti and Rebecca Ryan and it’s old fashioned to believe women shouldn’t be allowed tattoos, I don’t intend on covering my entire body in ink, because that doesn’t suit me. But I feel as an ‘alternative’ & independent woman with 10 piercings already, I am allowed to decide what I do with my body and nobody has a right to tell me otherwise.

This is what I have been working on via healing my chakras from the ground up.
These are things I have been manifesting over the years by doing small baby steps in forgiving the past, acknowledging my sexiness and confidence building, I’ve allowed myself to be a little selfish, I’ve been exploring my identity and I’ve been standing up for myself against the critics which has been my hardest battle.

And here I am in 2017 and I feel ready to cross that bridge, my heart is already over on the other side waiting for me. I’ve got my backpack, money saved and a new a sense of beautiful defiance I’ve never known before and I feel f*cking glorious!

What makes you feel glorious? What are the things deep inside you that make your heart sing and how would you set it as an intention so you can manifest your dreams?

Ready set GO!

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  2. Avatar


    January 4, 2017 at 6:48 am

    That was AMAZING! Please keep us updated on your journey.

    1. Katie


      January 5, 2017 at 9:50 am

      Hi Jenny,
      Thank you for your kind words 🙂
      I’m getting my second tattoo very soon Feb 8th and my third in early March. These are important symbols for me, not just for the reclaiming of my body but also because I am a tribal fusion belly dancer.

      I’m doing a Teen Yoga teacher training very soon, just waiting for the organization to set a date in the UK.
      I’ve been saving for a 200 hour YTT for 2 years (plus 4 years of yoga practice). I’ve had to be in a job I dislike in order to fund it, I plan to go on the training later this year as it will be in Thailand so it’s weather dependent.

      I will be writing more about my journey but also more articles based around happiness and working hard to grasp your dreams.

      Much Love

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