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Love Bread? Now You Can Sleep With It

Do you love bread? Are you a sandwich addict? Have you ever fallen asleep on your plate only to wake up a few minutes later with bread crumbs in your hair? (Because I have, but I was only three, okay?) There’s something really awesome about waking up to the smell of warm bread, whether it be some toast for breakfast or the smell of fresh bread at your local grocery store early in the morning. Amazon seems to have noticed that people like this, because now you can literally wake up next to, or on top of, your bread. No kidding.

Sleeping with your bread is the next big trend

According to Today, you can own your very own bread pillow for only $10. Sure, it’s more expensive than the bread at your local grocery store, but this loaf will allow you to lay your head down on it without waking up with crumbs in your hair the next day. Plus, it stays “fresh” all year long.

The pillow, which is described as a “plush stuffed toy for home decor”, is available in three sizes: 11.8″, 23.6″, and 31.5″. It gets better – it has a zipper closure, which means that you can add even more stuffing to it, making your “bread” fluffier than it already is. Hell yes.

People are loving their bread pillows

Metro advises bread lovers to opt for the largest loaf available. If you like bread, but don’t want a giant loaf taking up all of the space on your sofa or bed, you can opt for the smaller one, which is about the size of your everyday, ordinary pillow. We might be getting a bit ahead of ourselves here, but this will also make a great, funny Christmas or birthday gift. So far, the pillow has received raving reviews, with one reviewer writing: “Got this for my wife. She loves it. She laughed at it. Is it as big as the picture? Nope. Is it close? Yup. Is it comfortable? You bet your bottom dollar it is.”

Love Bread? Now You Can Sleep With It_Bad Yogi

This new bread pillow is any bread lover’s dream.
Image: Amazon

Another reviewer commented on how cool the plastic beans on the inside of the pillow is, adding that it is very fluffy. Some complained that it wasn’t big enough. Well, we can’t always have it all, can we? If you happen to buy one and feel like it’s too small, may we suggest buying two? Then you have an extra for your partner or flatmate who ends up loving it more than you do after initially laughing at you for buying it in the first place. We all know that’s how it usually goes.

Love it or hate it, but with the raving reviews, this novelty is sure to stick around for a while. Now the only thing we still need is a coffee-scented pillow to wake us up in the morning and Mondays are sure to be a breeze.

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