Off the Mat Yoga

Mind + Body + Soul Practices to Live Your Truth and Let Your Inner Badass Shine

Finding yourself, your passion for life, and your TRUTH begins with the choice to dig yourself out of the hole you are stuck in. So, how did I go from being a broke as a joke ex-art student turned hairstylist who saw the glass as not just half empty, but totally broken and shattered on the floor, to a wellness, fitness, and business coach and SOUL-preneur who is filled with SOUL and a life outside of the box? And how did I punch my fears and limiting beliefs in the face, tapping into my personal power and purpose?  I started digging.

You get out of life what you have the courage to ask for. Real, sustainable- life altering change ain’t easy. You have to want it, and you have to believe in it—even when you may not believe in yourself. You have to turn on the lights within and let them shine brightly. You have to declare that you are worth the effort, capable of the change, and will not give up the chase for what sets your soul on fire.

A health body, mind, and soul = the totally badass, best version of you.

Your body, mind and your spirit are the tools you were given to care for. They are the parts of you that only YOU are responsible for. No amount of Pinterest inspo quotes, self-help books, coaches, thought leaders, or quick fixes can do what YOU can do for you. The choices you make for your own self daily are the things that, if given care toward, can change your energy, your attitude, your mental and physical fitness, and your entire life!

Don’t believe me? Try it! Change ain’t for the faint of heart, though: You have to put the effort in daily to cultivate your best self when it’s easy and when it’s tough. You have to face the fear, and do it anyway. You have to look yourself in the mirror and believe with every cell in your body that YOU. ARE. WORTH the effort.  


Whether you want to create a healthier, more balanced life, learn how to love yourself more, be happier and feel more fulfilled, design a life that is stress and anxiety free, quit a job that is killing you, or start working to cultivate YOUR dream life instead of working to build someone else’s… Whatever it is that you want is waiting patiently for you right outside of your comfort zone.

I come from a background of years of dysfunctional eating, from yo-yo dieting and binge eating to restricting and depriving. But through the dark stages of my distorted self-image struggles, one thing I’ve learned is that our bodies won’t give up on us. They will keep fighting and protecting us regardless of how much we beat ourselves down. Do you know how much your body loves you?  Your body is capable of doing some incredible, miraculous stuff!! It sustains you and has the ability to give life! It heals you and nourishes you. Treat it better than you would a fancy car or material item. Fuel it with good ingredients and foods that nourish and heal to prevent disease and illness. Your body houses your mind and your soul, so treat the outside with just as much respect as you would anything else.

Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes. Too often, we let the outside world break down our deepest wants. We listen to the chatter of other people’s opinions, we let our own self doubts and limiting beliefs hold us back, and before we know it, we are talking ourselves out of the very things we have always so deeply wanted to create within our lives. But this doesn’t have to be your story, and you have the people to build UP your spirit through speaking your truth daily. When you start using a power word or mantra daily, you’re going to begin to tap into your higher soul-self, training yourself to let only positive thoughts and actions fill your mind. It takes effort to get outside of your ego and open yourself up to the vibration to which you want to live. Give YOURSELF the power to be your own motivation and create your own successful, happy, healthy life! We cannot allow anyone or anything to determine OUR vision for life—got it? You have the freedom to choose right here and now where you wish to take your journey. 

Stay hungry for that which awakens your soul, feeds your mind, and nourishes your body daily. All great progress begins with YOU. When you take the time to get yourself right, the rest will fall into place. You ARE worthy of the visions, goals, and desires you have within you. And I am giving you permission to dream REALLY big right now, so big that it scares you. And I encourage you to stop waiting for the universe to give you the flag to start living the life you were made to live, and instead start carving your own path to ultimate health and happiness.  

You have one life, and if you have the courage to show up to it, that one life will be the most badass, BEST life of your own design.  

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  1. Amanda


    April 19, 2016 at 9:58 am

    The biggest awakening I think I’ve ever had was when I was 20 years old doing a month-long study abroad program in Mexico during the summer after my sophomore year. One of my new friends said, “You should stay here!” And I realized….that I could. I didn’t HAVE to go back There were no rules. I did go back, finished school, all of that, but the realization that I didn’t have to was huge for me. I honestly think that so many people are unhappy because they did what they were “supposed” to do without realizing it wasn’t really for them until it was too late. Not that it’s really too late, as long as you make the realization at some point. 🙂

  2. Megan Reddix

    Megan Reddix

    April 19, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    Have you written a book? If yes, where can I buy it? If no, you should totally write one! Or become an inspirational speaker! This made me say out loud, to my husband’s confusion, “Yes!” “Absolutely!” “I CAN do it!” Thank you for this inspiration!

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