Can you tell my vlog is having an identity crisis? First it was Life as Bad Yogi, then it was just vlogs, now it’s Life As again! I’m trying something new here, so thanks for baring with me! But, it’s settled now: Life As Bad Yogi is the vlog name but the first few episodes are numbered all wrong, so going forward it’ll be easier to follow 🙂

That’s it for the information you didn’t care about, now on to today’s vlog!

I’m embarrassed. I feel so so silly and dumb for doing these daily because I find myself and my life supremely boring. Don’t take that as fishing for any reassurance– I think we all feel this way to some degree, though we’re all wrong. We all have unique perspectives and ways of experiencing the world, so I’d say everyone has something to contribute. I’m glad I’m forcing myself to do these because it’s forcing me to find creativity where I think none exists… it’s a good exercise 🙂

Here’s today’s:

Over to you! Do you think your life is boring? What could you change your perspective on if you had to? What did you do TODAY that could be funny, awkward, or in any way interesting? Remember: your “normal” is someone else’s “totally unique!” Can’t wait to read yours!