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Let Your “Mirror” be Your Trainer and Workout Buddy

These days, fitness trends come and go like fashion. Since everything can be done online, it’s no surprise that business in the fitness world is booming. We’re not complaining – doing your workouts in the comfort of your own home is the best thing ever, and now there’s some new tech that everyone is talking about, which may or may not change your life, depending on how much money you’re willing to spend.

Enter the Mirror

Many a company has given the online thing a go – there is the Peleton bike that launched in 2012, which allows you to stream fitness classes. Then there’s the Tonal, which is an at-home strength training system that uses digital weights that use magnetic force rather than relying on gravity to do the job. These are all pretty cool but very expensive training equipment, but right now, the fitness world is buzzing about something that might be the best thing mankind has thought of yet when it comes to fitness – a mirror.

Let Your "Mirror" be Your Trainer and Workout Buddy_Bad Yogi

The Mirror allows you to see yourself and your trainer at the same time.
Image: Mirror

We get it, you’re skeptical, especially if you’ve never heard of this wondrous invention before. Well, according to Health, this new piece of tech, called the Mirror Workout, is cool for a number of reasons. First of all, it doesn’t take up any space at all, because it’s, well, a mirror, which means you hang it on the wall. Second of all, it’s cheaper than the other high tech fitness equipment on the market, like the Peleton and the Tonal. Thirdly, you can choose from a wide range of exercises, ranging from yoga to cardio, strength, pilates, boxing, and even barre. The cherry on top of this wonderful cake? You can even tune into live classes. How freakin’ cool is that?

Like it? Start saving up

As we all know by now, cool tech means a not-so-cool price. The Mirror sells for $1,495, and then you still have to purchase the classes, which will set you back $39 per month. It is, however, still cheaper than similar products like the Peleton and the Tonal.

Even personal trainers love it

Personal trainers, like Pete McCall, love the Mirror. McCall says that he really loves that such a “simple” piece of equipment can provide people with very convenient access to instructors. The fact that the Mirror can still be used as a normal mirror when not in use is an absolute bonus as well. For all its functionality, McCall isn’t worried that the Mirror will replace the gym or studio workouts, because people like to have that added social aspect to it – meeting up with friends to go to the gym and grabbing a coffee after feels like a nice outing.

Is it for me?

So, who would personal trainers recommend the Mirror to? Well, definitely not to total beginners – McCall suggests that people who are just getting started on their fitness journey choose a few YouTube videos and do them in front of a normal mirror to see how they like it. For those who have been on the workout wagon for quite some time, the Mirror is the perfect piece of equipment. People who love their instructor-led classes at the gym or studio, but can’t always make it because of a jam-packed schedule, will find that the Mirror can be the perfect substitute.

Let Your "Mirror" be Your Trainer and Workout Buddy_Bad Yogi

The Mirror shows your heart rate, the calories you burn, and your goals.
Image: Mirror

50 Live classes a week

Those who invest in their very own Mirror will have access to a massive library of different on-demand workouts, as well as 50 live classes a week. Whoa. What’s also really cool about the Mirror is that it gives you live feedback on how you’re doing depending on the goals you set. It’ll basically show you everything your smartwatch shows you – calorie burn stats, your heart rate, and the score you’re getting in real time versus the score you set as your goal. According to Business Insider, it also connects to your smartwatch via Bluetooth and you control its interface via an app on your phone, which means there will be no unnecessary fingerprints on the Mirror’s surface.

You can see yourself and the instructor at the same time

One of the many great things about the Mirror is the fact that you can see yourself and your instructor at the same time, which means that you can check whether your alignment is correct in Warrior II, or see whether you’re arching your back too much while doing deadlifts. Another amazing thing is that you can actually schedule one-on-one training sessions with some of the instructors. The Mirror comes with a camera and embedded speakers, which means you and your trainer can do your workout together in real time. This will cost you an extra $40 to $75 a month.

Let Your "Mirror" be Your Trainer and Workout Buddy_Bad Yogi

There is a wide range of workout programs to choose from.
Image: Mirror

Working out at home without any sacrifice

The founder and CEO of Mirror, Brynn Putnam, says that the idea came to her when she could no longer make it to the gym regularly after she became a mother.

“To me, working out at home always meant compromising – your workout is going to be less fun and less effective and more frustrating. So, for me, enabling people to work out without sacrifice is just really going to change how people live the rest of their lives.”

Let Your "Mirror" be Your Trainer and Workout Buddy_Bad Yogi

Brynn Putnam, the mastermind behind the Mirror.
Image: Getty Images

We don’t know about you, but this is the coolest piece of tech we’ve seen this year. Being able to attend live classes in the comfort of your own home in front of your mirror is a huge win. The fact that there are six different types of workouts to choose from doesn’t hurt either, and with so many new classes being added every week, it seems worth the money. Plus, there’s nothing like watching those muscles flex in the mirror while working out, right?

What do you think of the Mirror? Would you invest in it if you could?

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