April is Stress Awareness Month. This month, consider what your typical reactive behavior to stress might be. For most of us, this means we fall into four categories- flight, fight, freeze, or facade.

Stress can affect us in all kinds of ways. Check out these two short videos for a bit more before you dive into the full video.

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What if the driver of most if not all disease is what’s in your mirror? What if we said Your perceptions are driven by your subconscious and unconscious mind. These perceptions create your subjective reality and the level of response or reactivity in any given situation (your stories) and the environments in which you choose to live and your experience, thoughts, words, deeds. This sub/unconscious agenda facilitates your gut-brain + HPA-axis leading to balanced function or chronic stimulation of these systems (which have affect on every single cell, hormone, neurotransmitter, gland, organ, microbiome and system in your body😅) When these systems are chronically facilitated by the sympathomedullary system resulting in HPA-D and gut/brain hyper-permeability the result is anything but fun 😳 This creates and holds a global cascade of dis-EASE in the body which expresses itself through Increased Perceived stress Increased Glycemic Regulation challenges Increased Inflammatory signaling Circadian Disruption Microbiome Disruption AND more Leading to every disease you can name through a long list of mechanisms that do not function under linear causality, which are truly expressing a simple idea 🤣🤣 What is in your mirror of self and are you willing to allow awareness in to simply move through life in a different way? Can you feel your ❤️? What you believe is what you perceive and what you perceive is what you believe, your shadow creates your perceived reality. Consider exploring your inner world today friends it may save your life 🔥🔥🔥❤️ #emotion #purpose #suffering #microbiome #hpaaxis #disease #awareness #selfresponsibility #shadowwork #heart #coaching

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The more that we become aware of our typical behaviors, it grows our ability to respond differently, and better, in those moments. How do you respond to stress, and how does your reaction affect you?