How to Learn the Wisdom of Trees

Do you ever wonder how a tree can stay alive for so long when it appears as though it’s not getting water or nourishment?  The ground, the surface is dry, no rain for months.  Or maybe people chip away at it making their mark.  Storms change its appearance ripping branches from its trunk.  Yet somehow, it thrives.

Trees are not designed to thrive or be nourished by what’s happening on the surface.  They are designed to plant their roots deep within the earth.  Seemingly unphased by what happens on the surface, quenching their thirst for nourishment from somewhere deep below.  Their roots so deep, in the midst of wind, storm, and chaos…they stand strong knowing they are grounded.  Rooted knowing who they are at the deepest level.

On the surface, it may appear that during these storms, they are fragile, susceptible, or weak.  Branches swaying wildly, maybe even parts them breaking open or even tearing away.  Appearing to be destroyed by the forces of those around them.  Although they may be changed, fragile and broken they are not. They choose to move with the chaos and the storm.  To experience it instead of resisting.  They fear no experience because in the end, they understand their nourishment and strength comes from deep within, their center,  not on the surface.  Knowing who they are and where they come from is at the core of their essence.

Let me get to my point here.  [tweet_box design=”default” float=”none”]We are meant to live from our essence in the same way a glorious tree does.[/tweet_box]  Knowing who we are, what we’re connected to, and where we came from.  Knowing that our essence is pure divine light and love.  Knowing that we can get through any storm we experience in our life because we are not fed by what happens to us on the surface.  We get our strength and resilience from being connected to our soul.  In that place, we have strength, trust, support, and peace.  Like the tree, when we live our life from that centered rooted place, we may experience a storm that changes us or even breaks something open within us.  But we, at our core-at our essence-are not broken.  We use that experience to be a better human and to build deeper stronger spiritual roots.

I am constantly finding inspiration in nature.  When I allow myself to be still, she always expresses her gratitude whispering to my spirit these beautiful lessons…reminding me just how connected we all truly are.  And whether from a human or a tree, if you are willing to be still and listen, there will always be inspiration and a lesson to be learned.

What inspiration do you draw from trees and nature? Share with us in the comments!

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