6 Interior Design Trends Perfect for Yoga Lovers

A true yogi knows how their environment can affect their state of mind. Creating a peaceful, inspiring and positive home ambience can encourage you to embrace a healthier and calmer lifestyle that is in tune with nature and your inner self. Whether you’ve just started practicing yoga or you’ve been enjoying its rewarding benefits for years, your inner transformation and tranquility should be your source of inspiration for designing a Zen-inspired home environment.

Discover the charms of the open floor layout

Introducing the open floor layout in your home will help you design an atmosphere with an uninterrupted flow of energy. Tearing down a wall or two in your home will provide you with a more open, positive space where you won’t feel cramped or anxious. The openness of your mind can reflect onto your space, providing you with freedom, fluidity and positive energy. The open floor plan will open and brighten up your space, enable light to permeate its energy and ensure the better flow of air. Keeping your open home clutter-free will further reinforce these benefits and provide you with a truly inspiring home atmosphere.

Create lush green corners

Yoga teaches you to be one with nature, so it’s only natural to invite it into your home. Designing lush green corners in your space will not only elevate its décor, but it will also energize it, fill it with soothing natural energy and fresh air, and add the balancing green hue. And there are so many enchanting ideas for introducing greenery to your home. You can design a lush green wall or a vertical garden, use charming hanging planters or decorate with cute terrariums. You can also place different patterned plants on lovely benches around your home, giving it a sense of natural balance.

Celebrate natural light

Natural light is an important component of Zen-inspired designs, providing both you and your home with numerous benefits. Without natural light, your home will seem gloomy and dark, which will inevitably affect your mood and may even cause anxiety and depression. On the other hand, welcoming natural light into your home will not only accentuate its beautiful features, but also make you feel more positive and energized. Thus, you should open up your windows, remove thick drapes or install skylights to maximize natural light in your home. You should also use mirrors strategically so that they can reflect light throughout your home and make it even brighter and more positive.

Invest in comfortable, charming furniture

Yoga teaches you to enjoy every moment instead of worrying about the future. It also helps you find comfort in each pose and feel good in your own body. Thus, you should always find ways to boost the comfort of your home, which starts from finding the right furniture. You should invest in pieces where you’ll love sitting and relaxing, and that will also enhance your home appeal. For instance, beautiful leather lounge suites can be the perfect addition to your home. They can be used for relaxation, enjoying the moment, finding comfort in your positions and even meditating. Furthermore, leather will stand perfectly against other soft materials in your Zen-inspired home, letting texture come into focus. Your chic lounge isn’t just a piece of furniture. It can be your happy, comfortable place where you’ll be able to just be mindful and present.

Embrace a palette of calm, muted tones

Zen-inspired designs are in tune with yoga, sharing some of the same principles: simplicity, subtlety and restraint. Thus, it becomes obvious that a color scheme of muted, peaceful tones should have a special place in the home of a yoga lover. You should draw color inspiration from nature and use earthy shades and peaceful hues. Soft browns, beiges, greens and yellows can help you create a stylish, yet understated look that will inspire relaxation and tranquillity.

Decorate with enticing and imperfect decorations

Excessiveness and clutter have no place in a yogi’s home, so you should practice moderation when it comes to decorating your space. You should go with hand-picked authentic details that will create unique appeal. For instance, wabi-sabi-inspired décor can be the perfect choice for your home. Wabi-sabi celebrates impermanence and imperfection, so it focuses on the use of handmade objects and items with innate flaws. Welcoming such decorations into your home will help you celebrate the natural passage of time and every authentic imperfection that is a part of nature.

Embracing these simple, yet infinitely inspiring trends will help you design a home that exudes tranquillity, serenity and natural energy. They will also provide you with a home that reflects your yoga philosophy and practice.

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