Improve Your Efficiency at Work: 6 Life-Saving Tricks

Sometimes, getting things done comes easily since everything seems to fit perfectly; the weather is nice, you’re in a good mood, there’s nothing stressing you out, and your time at work seems to pass pretty fast. However, on some days, just getting out of bed seems like a struggle. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to improve your productivity at work even on the worst days. With that in mind, here’s how you can save time at work by actually using it wisely. 

Make a to-do list 

to-do list
Making a to-do list first thing in the morning can be a great way to boost your productivity, but only if you do it right. The thing you should avoid is putting too many big tasks on it. This can make you feel discouraged, as it would take you quite a while to complete those tasks and check them off your list. So, it’s better to divide them into smaller, more easily trackable chores. For example, if you have an important presentation to make, instead of writing down “make a presentation”, you can divide it into “make an introduction”, “add photos”, “format everything”, and similar. This way, you’d get a small boost of motivation each time you update your list, and finishing it would look much more achievable. 

Avoid multitasking

Many people think that multitasking is the key to getting things done fast, but essentially, it’s nothing more than fast task-switching. However, by switching from one task to another and doing them at the same time, you’re basically dividing your attention. This inevitably affects the quality of your work, and can actually make you work for longer as you’re more likely to make mistakes that would later require fixing. So, in the long run, it is faster and much more efficient to focus on one task at a time. 

Get the right tools

In order to do your job properly, you need to have the right tools. Regardless of whether you work for a company or on your own, every job requires certain tools to be done right. For example, if you happen to be a property manager, you probably know how challenging that job can be. There are so many things to keep track of and plan ahead, from your clients’ documents to property maintenance projects. In this case, having a good Rockend property management software would definitely come in handy. It would make your job easier and less time-consuming, so you’d have more time to spend with your family instead of dealing with paperwork. 

Turn off notifications

In this day and age, our phones are pretty much constantly ringing. Next to social media, emails, messages, and everything else, it’s quite easy to get distracted. And before you know it, checking one message turns into a 15-min scroll through Instagram. So, try to prevent that from taking too much of your time. Turn notifications off while you’re working, and set aside some time before and after your work for taking care of all your social media profiles. 

Get up early

We’re all guilty of hitting that snooze button more than once, but getting up early can really help you get things done. If you think about it, getting up before most people means you’d have plenty of time without any distractions, so you can actually focus on checking your emails, planning your to-do list, or simply preparing for the day by enjoying your morning coffee in peace or doing some morning yoga. Plus, you’d also have a clearer mind in the morning and a bit more energy to do any projects that you’ve been putting off for too long. Just keep in mind that this also means that you’d have to go to bed a bit earlier too, so you can get enough sleep. 

Take care of yourself

The thing is, you’re not going to be productive at work if there is something else on your mind. So, in order to have a healthy professional life, you need to take care of your private life as well. This includes your daily habits like eating healthy, exercising, and getting enough rest. However, it also includes your social habits – make time for your friends, nurture your relationships, get to know your neighbors, etc. In short, find a balance between your job and your private needs, and you’re more likely to succeed in both aspects of your life.

There are many reasons why you should want to be productive at work, from improving your own job opportunities to actually spending your time wisely so you can have more free time for your other needs. So, even on your less energetic days, consider the listed tips, apply them, and you should have no trouble improving your productivity. 


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