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See what we did there? 😉

This Thursday, June 21 is a pretty exciting day. It’s the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, marking the longest day of the year. It’s also a day where yogis around the world practice 108 sun salutations, believed to build internal heat, therefore cleansing, detoxifying, and getting you more in touch with yourself. In addition, it helps to:

  • Move energy: Sun salutations heat the body through Vinyasa (breath inspired movement) and Prana (energy). We use active parts of class, like a Vinyasa sequence, to move through “stuck” energy and raise our Prana. We use grounding, slower parts of class to help us release energy we no longer need.
  • Help us surrender: During the course of 108 Sun Salutations, you’ll likely question why you put yourself in this situation in the first place. You may have felt this “fight or flight” feeling in pigeon pose. But when we continue, and stay with out breath, it’ll allow you to find a state fo ease, surrendering to the process. Ultimately, we should feel lighter and find my understanding in this ancient ritual, after the fact.

BUT… that’s not why we’re here. In fact, at all. Just wanted to sneak a bit of yoga education into your day.  

Thursday, June 21 is also National Selfie Day and we’re taking advantage of it… in what we think is the best way possible.

Read the below note from Erin for all of the details, and let’s have some fun sharing our perfectly imperfect selfies. Don’t forget to tag #myIMperfectselfie (bonus points if you tag @badyogiofficial on Instagram and hashtag #badyogisunite) to participate in the challenge, and prove to yourself and others that your selfie can be imperfect, and still totally inspiring to those around you. Have we mentioned lately that you are enough, and perfect as you are?

All of us can rock the perfect selfie. We know our most flattering angles, where the best light in our room is, which way to tilt our head, and even what time to post our selfies on Instagram to get maximum love.

Thursday is #NationalSelfieDay and we thought we’d have ourselves a little challenge, but in true Bad Yogi form 😉

Isn’t all of this faux perfection hurting us more than it’s helping? We all say we want more realness in our feeds, yet we often contribute to the very problem we claim to hate! Funny how that happens, right? (I’m talking to myself too!)

So this week, we’re challenging YOU to post your “imperfect” selfies using the hashtag #myIMperfectselfie. See what we did there? (IMperfect = I’M PERFECT!) It’s ONLY imperfect in our eyes, but to someone else, it’s an inspiring display of self love. It’s PERFECT exactly as it is. It gives courage to the people around you to drop their guards and own themselves, even without the filters and perfect lighting.

Start posting your #myIMperfectselfie images today (Monday) through the end of the week. We’ll pick 3 random people Friday June 22nd to win a free month to the Bad Yogi Studio so you can keep the self love game STRONG! 🙂

It can be any kind of selfie: yoga selfies, swimsuit picture, straight up no makeup selfie– anything you like! Maybe even tag a friend to do it with you for extra encouragement!

Mine will be on Instagram later today and I’m already nervous about posting it, haha! I don’t even know why?! I feel like as the leader of this I should be telling you I AM SO FREAKING CONFIDENT, but I’m actually that monkey emoji with its hands over its eyes right now! 🙈

Anyway, this should be fun! I can’t wait to see your posts! Be sure to use the hashtag above so we can find you, like your pictures, & feature the ones we can!

See you later,

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