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How Yoga Can Make You an All-Around Happier Human

There are millions of people that are practicing the art form of yoga. A great way to find happiness through your yoga practice is to take a yoga teacher training. Yoga teacher training allows us to learn skills in how yoga opens the body, supports flow, flushes the lymphatic system and stimulates major organs. That zen feeling you find when you make it onto your mat isn’t an accident. The mind-body affiliation created in yoga helps us to change on a cellular level. Cellular memory is the concept that memories can be stored outside the brain in all cells. It is our nervous system that we tap into when we practice yoga. In doing so, we allow ourselves to retrain how we response to mental or emotional triggers.

Yoga helps us to be happy in many ways, some of the reasons are mentioned below:

Teaches You How To Breathe

Breathing is completely involuntary, and clearly, it’s one thing every single person needs in life. When you allow yourself to focus on your breathing, you realize how much breathing truly can benefit you. It creates a silent environment around you and helps keeps your mind at peace. Deep inhales and exhales have the power to significantly elevate the mood and release emotions that aren’t serving you.

Improves Your Mood

All forms of yoga help us to strengthen the connection between the brain and body. During yoga, the body sends messages to the brain, strengthening it and sending feel-good signals. Yoga has been shown to increase the level of gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA, a chemical in the brain that helps to regulate nerve activity. GABA activity is reduced in people with mood and anxiety disorders, and drugs that increase GABA activity are commonly prescribed to improve mood and decrease anxiety. In short, yoga can act as a drug-free anti-anxiety or anti-depressant.

Relieves Stress Through Stillness

By breathing deeply and focusing on what you’re doing, you’ll find that the body responds accordingly. Over time, you will start to gain strength, and the hormone oxytocin begins to increase throughout the body. This creates the essence of happiness and builds towards higher emotional well-being.

Helps With Mental Well-Being

It was earlier mentioned that yoga increases GABA, which can help improve anxiety and depression. Countless people have proclaimed that yoga has helped them overcome anxiety and depression, as a result of its calming nature. Yoga can help people train their minds to respond more positively to situations, and elevates the mood through the use of stretches, poses and movements.

Supports Smoking Cessation

No joke- yoga can aid in decreased cravings, in general, but has also been proven to reduce perceived stress and negative effects associated with trying to quit smoking.

Mind-over-matter is an important part of addiction recovery, as the root of any addiction we face is often found here. Think about how many times you’ve told yourself in the past “I’ll quit tomorrow” or “just one more”? Sometimes, our brains are so tricky that we can convince ourselves that we’ll be able to follow-through; making bets with our addictions. Yoga can be helpful here, as it allows us to tap straight into our deep thoughts and sort out the root of our desires and motives.

Promotes Better Posture

How many times have you heard a yoga teacher tell you to lengthen your spine and to draw the shoulders down the back? Through this practice, we are immediately improving our posture, which then allows us to naturally sit up straighter even when we’re not actively being told to do so.

It Makes You Feel Like A Child Again

Any time you attend your favorite yoga class, or find yourself free-flowing in the protection of your own room, you’ve giving yourself permission to be playful, unrestricted and free- just as you were when you were a child.

Yoga is all about the practice of finding what feels good for you and only you and moving in ways that make you feel like the best version of yourself.

Reduces the Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Plain and simple- yoga is proven to provide improvements to body mass, weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol, over time. All of these factors aid in improved cardiovascular health and decreased risk of disease.

Reduces Pain

Think of all of the instances where you’re moving your body in the opposite direction for which you’d normally find yourself. Instead of compressing the spine, we offer ourselves several asanas that instead decompress the spine. We do the same for other areas of our body, as well. As such, yoga allows those suffering from fibromyalgia and osteoporosis-related conditions relief from pain.

Boosts Your Self-Esteem

In practicing yoga, we allow ourselves to send prana (energy) throughout the body, and break through blockages we may otherwise experience. Yoga allows people to feel more energetic, empowered, and in control of their lives, bodies, and energy. Feeling active directly affects confidence and feeling of comfort within ones own skin.

Increases Blood Flow

Simply put, yoga gets your blood flowing. More specifically, the relaxation exercises in yoga can actually help to improve your flow. Yoga also gets a lot of gas to your cells, which helps everything function better, as a result. Yoga boosts levels of hemoprotein and red blood cells, which carry oxygen to the tissues. This can cause a decrease in heart attacks and strokes, and decrease the chance of blood clots.

Helps You Focus

An important part of yoga is focusing on the present moment. Practicing yoga regularly can help improve your mindfulness, in addition to improved coordination, reaction time, memory and even IQ scores.


No one will deny feeling better once active yoga because…well, it’s just impossible not to. That elated feeling stays with you even once you go away from your mat, and can last throughout the rest of your day. Practicing yoga on a regular basis won’t only provide you with that happy feeling, it’s also been known to relieve depression and reduce anxiety. Yoga will increase the monoamine neurotransmitter levels in your brain, gets your blood flowing and gives you an overall feeling of success, confidence and a better outlook on life. Yoga will generally enable you to face stress, unexpected things and negative people in a much more positive way.



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