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How to Take Amazing Yoga Photos

As you might have noticed, social media is overflowing with yoga photos. Sunsets, lush nature, an ocean in the background, or maybe the top of a tall, green hill – all of this, plus a yoga pose and an aura of serenity on the practitioners face. We see it and we’re in awe. These people look so perfectly calm and graceful as they stand against a gorgeous background and show off their limber bodies. It’s just one of those things where you see a cool photo like that and you want to print it out and use it as an inspiration for every practice. But instead of simply looking at other people’s pictures, why not try to take your own? After all, what could be more inspiring than seeing a picture of yourself at your best? So, how can we take a good yoga picture that will be totally Instagram-worthy? Let us show you!

A note about the equipment

The better your camera, the clearer the photograph will be. However, unless you’re a professional photographer or feel very serious about photography as your hobby, you don’t need to go into it with pricey equipment, especially not from the start. Your smart phone will do in the beginning. The key here is to simply start taking pictures. That’s it – get creative, start snapping, and work with what you’ve got. Don’t invest in expensive things that you barely know how to use because if you’re an amateur you probably won’t even see the difference. Besides, our phones are so well-made and work amazingly well at producing high-quality pictures that you’ll be absolutely proud of.

Put safety first

The most complicated yoga pose isn’t necessarily the best one. You don’t have to be upside down to take an interesting picture, and you shouldn’t push yourself beyond your current abilities. Ever. Warm up before you start snapping, and take a pose you can do perfectly instead of straining your body into something uncomfortable. Always start slow and easy, and don’t worry too much about impressing anyone else.

Choose a beautiful backdrop

The backdrop is basically half the job because it gives your photograph a certain atmosphere. For example, a sunrise at a lonely beach will look incredibly motivating and soothing, but a cobbled street and people in the background will look more urban and edgy. Think about how you want to present yourself, and scout ahead for beautiful locations in your area. You don’t have to go on an expensive trip to find nice spots; you’d be stunned at just how beautiful your own city and the surrounding area can be. Another thing – go with the flow and don’t be embarrassed. Will people think you’re being weird if you stop in the middle of the town to make strange yoga poses? Definitely. Should you care? Nope!

Wear something cute

Shabby sweatpants and a stained baggy t-shirt are perfectly cool to lounge in around the house, but they probably won’t make you feel all that ‘sexy’ if you’re posing for pictures. Feeling good in your own skin is incredibly important for a good yoga picture because your confidence and inner calm will be very obvious in the photograph. Why not find a cute crop top to wear over your sports bra? Grab some good fit compression clothing to show you’re serious about your workouts. They’ll give you a beautiful silhouette and feel good against your muscles, and you can finish the look with a cute messy bun, or a ponytail with a colorful scrunchie on it.

Find good lighting

By this we mean natural lighting. Flash photography is really not suited for yoga pictures, and you want to avoid artificial light as much as possible. So, snap your pictures during the day if at all possible.

Don’t over-edit

Editing is one way to resolve lighting issues and make your picture clearer and brighter, so we definitely recommend it. However, going beyond that is usually unnecessary and could actually ruin a good shot by taking away the natural harmony and making everything look forced. This isn’t fashion photography, and you don’t need to blur your face and look overly glamorous. Rely on your natural beauty and grace, and don’t hide your effort beneath a pile of unnecessary editing effects.

It doesn’t matter if your first photo doesn’t look great. Experiment, try different angles, try shooting during different times of the day. Practice makes perfect, so keep snapping photos until you get it right!

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    August 23, 2018 at 11:37 am

    Nice tips! Lighting is so important! I use both natural and flash for my yoga and fitness photography. However, I do recommend not shooting in harsh overhead sunlight. Of course, one can control where the hard shadows fall at times. Aim for early morning or just before the sun starts to set. Partially cloudy and overcast can be nice too. Either way, make it fun!

    You can see a mix of flash and all natural light on my site:

  2. Diana Wills

    Diana Wills

    August 24, 2018 at 7:13 am

    Thanks for pro tips Tony 🙂

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    Elle bent

    September 4, 2019 at 3:06 am

    Thank you for the tips. This is awesome 🙂

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