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How to Prepare for a Yoga Job Audition

Is audition more intimidating than interview? For me, it wasn’t. I’m the Queen of the Interview. I always have a crisp resume, the only suit I own, and my “boss bitch” pearl earrings. However, I have never done a yoga audition. I don’t have a yoga resume and I don’t think you are supposed to (are you supposed to?). I got this audition and then frantically tried to remember everything they said in Yoga Teacher Training about the audition process. Here are my recommendations:


What brought you to yoga?

Why do you keep returning to yoga?

What are your motivations to teach yoga?

How do you design your classes?

These are all fair questions and you should have ready answers. Be honest. If, like me, you come to yoga for better mental health, don’t be afraid to own that truth!


I recommend going with a flow you’ve taught before, and maybe even one you used in teacher training. This ensures you can give meaningful cues and confidently deliver a sequence. Once you have finalized your flow, write it down. There’s nothing like showing up to an audition and being so nervous you forget where to start! You might even want to jot down symbols for your cues or marks to indicate where you would like to remember to give adjustments. Note any props that you want to include, so you don’t forget to start with them.


If you didn’t physically practice your flow while you were preparing, do that now. Even if you’re just sitting speaking your cues, say it aloud. This will help your brain remember and you will feel more confident when you present.


You want to wear clothes that are comfortable, yet professional. This can be a hard balance to strike in yoga clothes. Don’t show up in your old t-shirt or your yoga crop top. Find the balance between yogi and teacher. Personally, I wore yoga pants and a loose, long sleeve cotton shirt. Easy to move, but not what I would wear to class.


Bring your yoga mat, your sequence, and your best self. Take a few clearing breaths before you go in and, then, relax.


I really loved my audition process. When I arrived I got a tour of the studio (it’s new!), we talked for a bit, and then I led the owner through a 20ish minute flow. We talked again after about how she was feeling and then I had the opportunity to ask any questions. It was great and I was lucky because the owner made me feel very welcomed and at ease.

I don’t know if I got the job, but I’m so, so glad I went and had the experience. Although I was really nervous before, I felt really proud of myself after. I have faith that you can do this!

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