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How to Instantly Improve Unhealthy Lifestyle Habits

Motherhood – it’s something that so many women strive to experience. Pregnancy is the time when mothers need to wave goodbye to their not-so-good habits and change a thing or two about their lifestyle. It is also the time when moms-to-be need to start taking better care of themselves and get acquainted with the ways of improving their wellness. Optimizing your health during pregnancy is essential for both the mother and the baby, and doing so will help ensure a safe prenatal environment. Let’s take a look at some of the rules all future moms should follow in order to improve their health.

Create a healthy meal plan

healthy meal
Eating healthy is very important in your everyday life, and it’s even more important once you find out you’re pregnant. Creating a healthy meal plan is a good place to start. Hydration is important, and your daily water intake should be between eight and ten glasses of water. Try to eat five to six well-balanced meals a day, and curb your ‘’bad food’’ cravings by opting for something that will do good to both of you. Folate-rich foods are your best friends during pregnancy. Folic acid is essential for proper development of your baby, and it also helps create new red blood cells. Next time you go grocery shopping, add asparagus, wheat germ, and lentils to your shopping list to ensure a healthy diet. Also, try to eat as much protein as you can – cheese, eggs, and beans are all foods rich in protein, and they will help your baby grow. By following a healthy meal plan, you can rest assured your baby will grow and develop properly.

Stay active by doing light exercises

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Even though exercising is the last thing on the mind of any mom-to-be, it doesn’t mean you should skip it. During pregnancy, women are bound to put on some weight in order to prepare their body for the changes it will endure. If your BMI is optimal, you can expect to gain around fifteen kilograms during pregnancy, so it’s best to start early and prevent those kilos from staying. Staying active during pregnancy will boost your mood, improve your circulation, and help you sleep better. Light activities such as yoga are an excellent choice for mothers-to-be, as they help your body stay limber and flexible without getting all sweaty. Pilates and swimming are also good choices, but it’s best to consult with your doctor to see which exercises are the most suitable for you. Speaking of doctors…

Follow your doctor’s instructions

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Prenatal health care is crucial for maintaining the health of both mom and the baby. To ensure a healthy pregnancy, find a doctor whom you can trust and who understands you. If you don’t have one already, ask your family and friends to recommend you their favorite doctor. Most moms-to-be first meet their doctor around the eighth week of their pregnancy. The first visit is the longest, and you can expect them to run some preliminary tests, as well as confirming your pregnancy. During prenatal visits, you will talk about your and your family’s medical history, and determine if there are any risk factors you might be exposed to. Be sure to notify your doctor about any medications you’re taking and follow the instructions he gives you to ensure a safe and healthy pregnancy. There are certain medications you may take while expecting, but you need to avoid taking any type of medications during your first trimester.

Break your bad habits

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Changing your lifestyle is of the utmost importance when you’re expecting, especially if you’ve developed some bad habits in the past. Habits like smoking and drinking are off-limits during pregnancy as they have detrimental consequences on baby’s health and can result in low birth weight, birth defects, and stillbirth. That is why it’s so important to put a stop to bad habits when you find out you’re pregnant. Women struggling with addiction often opt for opiate detox while pregnant to help battle their addiction and start living a healthier lifestyle. Doing so enables them to regain control over their lives, turn a new page and start fresh. A pregnant mother who is a recovering substance abuser can still have a healthy pregnancy if she remains cautious and plans her pregnancy well. Adopt a healthy diet, get fit, and surround yourself with people who will keep you encouraged as you enter a new chapter in life titled motherhood.

Get enough rest

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Pregnant women often get tired more easily, and their changing hormones are to blame. What makes them so sleepy is all the extra progesterone their body produces during pregnancy. Pregnancy also lowers your blood sugar and blood pressure, making you want to catch those Zs more than usual. Pregnant or not, a good night’s sleep is a necessity, so be sure to take plenty of sleep. Try sleeping on your left side – that way, you’ll improve blood flow to you and your child. Pregnancy is the time when you can get away with excuses ‘’Eating for two’’ and ‘’Sleeping for two’’, so why not use them while you can?

Taking proper care of yourself is crucial for preserving the health of both you and your baby. Follow the tips above to ensure you stay healthy while waiting for the baby to arrive.

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