Handstand is one of those poses that feels like only a dream for so many of us.

It’s possible to master Handstand with plenty of practice and with keeping a few keys in mind.

1. Plank it out!
Wait, what? Okay, I know this isn’t a tip to do while in Handstand, but practicing planks and all their variations will give your inversions a massive overhaul. They strengthen the core in all the right places and in just the right way, so once you make these a regular habit, you’ll be amazed at how far your Handstands will come.

2. Use your fingers!
Notice where your weight goes when you head upside down. Do you “dump” into the heel of your hands? When you do that you’ll inevitably feel discomfort in your hands and wrists and then you’ll just fall right back down. Instead, while keeping your shoulders over your wrists, try gently leaning forward into your fingers. The majority of the weight will land around the index finger and thumb. Really “grip” the ground with the fingers! It’s pretty impressive how such a small link in the Handstand chain can have such a big impact.

3. Know where your center is.
Your “center” of gravity is sacrum. When you’re standing upright, your hips bear the most weight. When you’re in Handstand, your pelvis determines whether or not you’ll stay there. If your hips/pelvis move too far past your head, you’ll fall down. So focus on keeping your body in a nice, straight line and your sacrum over your shoulders and you’ll be able to hold it longer.

4. Use a wall!
Please don’t be afraid to use a wall. I know you want to free stand without one, but trust me: it’ll build up your confidence if you’re not used to testing your abilities 😉

Over to you! How do you feel about Handstands? Have you learned any tips you want to pass along?