How To Attract Abundance

Gratitude. Yep, it’s truly that simple. In order to attract abundance in your life, you must truly feel grateful for what you have and where you are now. Feelings of want, desire, or lack will only attract more of thatwant, desire, and lack. If you want abundance…feel abundant.


Live from the seat of gratitude. Feel grateful for everything! For waking up, for your body that does so much for you, for your heart that beats non-stop 24 hours a day. For your breath, your favorite cup of coffee, and the list goes on. Make the choice to feel grateful for everything. When you do, that is the vibration you send out like a beacon to the Universe and that is the vibration the Universe will answer you with. More things, people, and experiences to be grateful for.


I’m not saying you shouldn’t want or desire for something more. Of course you can!

What I am saying, is to identify what it is you’re desiring, set your intention but then let go. Surrender with gratitude. Stay in a space of gratitude, surrender, and trust. Trust the Universe. The Universe always has a plan for you that is much grander than anything you could ever imagine. But you have to get out of the way and feel grateful for what you have NOW in this moment. When you surrender with gratitude, life becomes effortlessly abundant.


Try it! The next time there’s something, someone, or an experience you want to manifest, set that intention but then let go of the desire and feel gratitude for all you are and have right now. You’ll be amazed at how your perception and life change.


We want to hear from you! Have you had an experience of manifestation when you let go? Share it with us here in the comments below!

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