If Hermione Granger Did Yoga

If Hippogriffs can fly, than it is an undeniable fact that Hermione Granger must take a yoga class. Imagine that our favourite resident bookworm decided to take up the new Hogwarts elective of yoga. Does she know what it is? Not really. But when has that ever stopped Hermione from taking every class possible? The stress of exams and her famous colour-coded schedules for Harry and Ron might not vanish entirely, but at the very least – she would understand the need to breath and spend time outside near the Quidditch Pitch rather than every waking hour in the library.

If Hermione Granger took a yoga class…

  • Our Gryffindor bookworm might be less willing to tear out her hair when Malfoy came around insulting her and calling her a Mudblood. What’s so bad about insults when Hermione can simply take a deep breath, smile at Malfoy and ignore him completely? The magic of a calm mind isn’t usually something that Gryffindors are famous for, but anything is possible.
  • Harry and Ron would breath a huge sigh of relief knowing that Hermione wouldn’t be running after them forcing them to study obsessively for the latest History of Magic quiz (even though Professor Binns is a ghost and doesn’t grade them anyways.)
  • Instead of getting ridiculously overworked by trying to mediate between Harry and Ron whenever the two got into a fight, she would look at them seriously and offer to talk about it together. After taking a yoga class, Hermione might better understand the value of helping her friends, but not to the detriment of herself (when such things don’t involve Basilisks or Dementors or Death Eaters – those are naturally exceptions).
  • Let’s just admit to ourselves that even with a yoga class, Hermione might be a teensy bit on edge when it comes to studying. She loves school and she wants to do well. Yoga can… help in that field, but maybe with every hour of studying, she could pair 10 minutes of meditation. Who knows how possible that is in the Gryffindor Common Room, but she can try!
  • Because it’s Hermione and she does nothing without trying to help others, you can bet that she would set up a group – something along the lines of “Society for the Promotion of Yoga,” or S.P.Y.

Harry Potter fans, what do you think would happen if your favorite characters did yoga? Tell us below!

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