Common ailments like stress, pain management, and even Alzheimer’s disease can be healed by the practice of sound therapy, as confirmed by The Sound Healing Research Foundation. Sound therapy, or vibrational medicine, was once used by ancient cultures to relieve pain. Sound therapy is quickly becoming more popular in mainstream culture. The most difficult part of quieting down the brain and getting a good night’s rest is not allowing distractions to creep into the brain. Adding sound may seem like an unnecessary component to find peace, however, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Coherent Frequencies

As far back as ancient times, music and sound have been utilized for their therapeutic effects on the human body. Most ancient cultures have creation myths about a sonorous event. Furthermore, these events often contribute to the belief of the importance of sound, frequencies, and vibrations. Since the 19th century, there have been studies that report the effects of music on physiological responses like cardiac output, respiratory rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure. To conduct these studies, Parisian researcher, Diogel, brought  music to his patients to see what effect it had on them. He found that sound therapy had a positive effect on them and it assisted the work of the parasympathetic system. This relates to part of the autonomic nervous system that counterbalances the action of the sympathetic nerves.

Sound Healing on the Rise

Sound healing as a career is on the rise and most sound healers spend time in sound baths. A sound bath has nothing to do with water. In fact, it is a guided meditation class that usually takes place on the floor with a yoga mat, pillows, and sound therapists in the room with Tibetan bowls, harps, the didgeridoo, and rhythmic chanting. The frequencies and repetitive notes used throughout the meditation aid in taking the focus away from your own loud thoughts. It’s a way to center yourself and can be from 1 to 3 hours in length.

Sound Therapy at Home

There are an abundance of apps on the market right now that are a refuge from the pitter patters of everyday life. They promise to transport you from the couch in your home, to another place entirely by way of the brain. With the brainwave entrainment technology  that these apps provide, it’s easy to slip into a state of focus, relax or sleep. The goal is to reach the “frequency following” response. This can be achieved by listening to engineered audio frequencies in the form of binaural beats. The best way to experience sound healing is to immerse yourself in it. The sound should feel like a blanket wrapped around you.

Sound therapy is a practice that’s been around for ages. In a stressful world, it is without a doubt imperative to reward oneself with a little quiet time. Whether it be with a group of like-minded friends, or alone, the practice offers to transport you while healing.