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Halloween Is Changing Colors – Try this New Trend (Pictures and DIY)

It’s October, which means only one thing – Halloween is on its way! This year, lifestyle bloggers are embracing a brand new way of decorating for this season, and we have a feeling you might like it.

What’s going on here?

Spooky is going pastel. Black and orange have been the ultimate Halloween colors for as long as anyone can remember, but how about a bit of pastel pink? Or any pastel color for that matter? According to Today, lifestyle blogger Kara Whitten, who runs A Kailo Chic Life, is one of those who have been embracing this new trend and thinking outside the box. She threw a pastel pink and black Halloween party last year and her guests were obsessed. Whitten said that the party was different from any other she had ever been to but still managed to give off the perfect Halloween vibe.

Halloween Is Changing Colors - See the New Trend (Pictures and DIY) - Bad Yogi

How about switching black and orange for pastel pink and black?
Image: Kara Whitten/ A Kailo Chic Life

It’s a growing trend

The trend has been growing since, and it seems like it’s really going to blow up this year. A new report from Pinterest shows that searches for “pink Halloween” are up by 221% this year over last. “Pastel Halloween” is on its tail, with an increase of 164% in searches. It’s official: Pink and pastel Halloween is the new cool and we’re here for it.

Halloween Is Changing Colors - See the New Trend (Pictures and DIY) - Bad Yogi

You can easily repaint existing decor to match this new trend.
Image: Kara Whitten/ A Kailo Chic Life

Companies are ready to sell everything you need

Of course, companies have caught on to this new trend and are now selling everything you need to have the perfect pink (or any other pastel) colored Halloween. Lifestyle blogger Ashli Ghoul, who runs the blog Halloween Herbivore, posted an image of a pastel Halloween display she spotted at At Home in Pearland, Texas


We have to say, it looks pretty stunning and we’re so ready to go on a decorating spree. Ember Candle Co., for example, has the coolest spooky pastel skull candles anyone could ask for.

Why this sudden change?

You’re probably wondering why people are suddenly having the urge to switch up Halloween’s theme colors. While it’s probably just a global existential crisis that’s kicking in, Bethany Patterson, who lives in Dallas and runs the Instagram account @thepinkhutch, thinks that people are experimenting with non-traditional colors because it’s fun to do something different from the normal orange and black theme that’s been around year after year.

Short on money? DIY!

If you don’t have money to spend on a ton of new pastel-colored Halloween stuff, fear not, there are a lot of tips on the internet on how to do it yourself.

For example, take some old chairs and paint them pink, get some cheap pink paper plates and bake some cookies with pink and black frosting and voila! You’ve got yourself a party. Don’t forget the black and pink balloons to round it all off.

Paint some pumpkins pink, use a synthetic or real branch and weave it around a hoop to create your very own Halloween-themed hoop wreath.

Happy (pastel) Halloween!

It’s great to see these new colors popping up for Halloween, and while orange and black will definitely always be the number one Halloween color palette, it’s kind of cool to try out some new shades and see how it looks. It’s refreshing to try new things after years of using orange and black only, and it encourages the creative spirit in all of us to experiment a bit.

What do you think of this new trend? Would you try it? Let us know in the comments!

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