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Get Movin’ Playlist!

Hey, friends!

I’ve got another dose of workout motivation in the form of a playlist! This one is a collection of community favorites. I put it out to everybody a couple weeks ago about which songs always get them movin’ and motivated, and these are it!

And you know it:
It’s only 35 minutes worth of music. That means that if you can pop this on and GET MOVING for just that amount of time, it’s enough. Whenever I’m missing workout motivation, music helps. And if I can tune into some music I really enjoy, time FLIES.

Especially for those of you who are working through PB Resolution, music can add so much power to your strength training days! If you’re not working through PB Resolution, I highly suggest popping this playlist on during your walk or your moves from this week in the Stronger, Healthier You Series.


Over to you! Any of these songs really speak to you? Which are your current faves to get movin?

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