How to keep your skin clear is a question a lot of us have had.

I struggled horribly with really bad acne as a teenager and it always shocks me when people today ask me what I do to keep my skin so “perfect.”

First, I’ll say that my skin is FAR from perfect. Most times you see me on camera, I’m wearing a little bit of makeup which goes a long way 😉 That said, I have gained a little wisdom since my teenage years, so I have some solutions up my sleeve! I’ve found a pretty delicate balance that works for me and my skin and YES, even keeps my skin clear.

This is a longer video than usual because I talk a little about my own personal journey, I give you my “skincare commandments” and show you the few products I use on my skin every day.


Over to you! What’s your skincare story? Have you ever struggled with acne? What products or changes do you think worked the best?

PS: I’m linking each of the products I mentioned below. It looks like they’re a bit pricier in the US than they are here in France, but might be worth a shot! 🙂


2. Avene Gentle Foam Cleanser.

3. Heritage Store Rosewater.

4.Fragonard Royal Jelly Moisturizer. (Holy cow– this is only 25 euros in France!)

5. Avene Physiolift EYES. (Double holy cow– this is only 18 euros in France!