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4 Ways To Ground Into Autumn

Let’s just start out by saying that I just had one of the most relaxing and buzzy yoga classes of my life. There was nothing particularly special about it, except that it was just *one* of those classes. Those are the classes that make me want to keep going back and back again to yoga. What my teacher chose to talk about was grounding, and how autumn is the most important season for practicing this kind of mindfulness.

If you know me… I’m not the spiritual-practicing yogi at all. Imagine the opposite kind of thought process, and that’s my style. There was something very relaxing about this class though, and it got me thinking about how we all can learn from “grounding.” Teachers tell us to place our palms on our knees to “ground down.” But what does that even mean?

Think of yourself as a spinning top for a moment. Most of life you spin around, and you wobble – uncertain of what will happen or where you will land. But there are moments when you are able to be perfectly balanced, connected to the ground and present in your body. That’s what I take grounded to mean – and even though I’m not spiritual – I do enjoy feeling that way – so here are some tips:

Learn how to listen to your body.

four ways to ground into autumn

Keep these tips handy!

We all have tendencies to throw ourselves into work and sometimes we can forget to take care of ourselves. Just be taking a second every couple hours to take a deep breath in and out, followed by a scan to see whether you are tired or you want to drink some water can be oh-so good for your mental health.

Remind yourself that you are valued.

Too often, we get caught up in finishing things, and doing things for other people that you don’t think about your own intrinsic value. You! Yes, I’m talking to you! You are an amazing individual capable of so many beautiful things in life – think of that the next time stress threatens to overcome you.

Feed your body healthy foods and drink LOTS of water.

A plant can’t grow with sustenance and neither can you. The world likes to place these silly body image constraints on all of us, but your body and you know what is best for you no matter what size you are. Feed it mindfully and make sure you stay hydrated.

Practice karma yoga.

This is by far my favorite concept that I took away from my teacher training. Karma yoga is giving back to your community in some selfless act of love. Stay grounded by offering to do things for others without expecting anything in return. Volunteering or simply giving your time freely can be immensely grounding. At least for me, it reminds me that one of the best things in life is giving back to others and trying to put as much love in the world as I can able.

What do you think, yogis? What are some grounding techniques you use in your daily life?

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