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Five Yogic Ways To Use Chocolate

Chocolate is life. Without a doubt, it’s one of the most delicious things out there. This is not an opinion. Fact. Pure fact. Any season, and any time of year is the right time for chocolate. So as a yogi, you need to be prepared to handle this most delicious food in your daily life. Because without a doubt, one Hershey Kiss often turns into the whole bag (Note: if you have allergies to chocolate, you are free from the everlasting curse of addictive chocolatey goodness).

Of course, you are a yogi. That means you have the ability to be mystical and magical with the ways you can use chocolate. Since it’s springtime, it seemed like the perfect time of year to talk about yogic ways of using chocolate. Why, you ask? It’s Easter. Soon it will be graduation dates, weddings, Mothers and Fathers Days – and you need to be prepared. Without further ado, here are five yogic ways of using chocolate in your daily life.

Eat as much as physically possible

If it weren’t a crime, I would recommend stealing chocolate from your nearest bakery or grocery store and eating it. In the yoga spirit of *ahem* indulging, we should all be eating chocolate bars, drinking hot chocolate and baking chocolate cakes for our friends and for ourselves. Maybe stop yourself before it becomes too much, but understand that the more chocolate, the better (in 99.9% of cases).

Gift it to all of your friends

One of the best yogic ways to live your best chocolate life is to gift it to others. Yoga is all about giving back to others. Maybe you want to buy some special chocolate for a friend or set aside some time to bake a sheet of chocolate cookies for your special someone. Either way, making other people happy is probably the most yoga thing of all.

Live your Pinterest-worthy life and make beauty products with it

If I’m being honest, I will admit that I have never made a chocolate-based beauty product. Then again, I am no crafter. Pinterest has a million stories to tell about chocolate lotion bars, face masks, and body scrubs to stimulate your imagination. Get creative! Get excited and do something decadent for your body. Treat yourself to a day of rest and relaxation alone or with friends. Namaste to that!

Have a chocolate pedicure or chocolate bath

You heard me right, there does exist chocolate pedicures and chocolate baths for those of you who are spa-lovers. Whether you want to bring chocolates yourself to your self-love day at the spa or make your own magical hygge-inspired day and draw yourself a chocolate bath – it’s a fantastic way to detox and unwind when you’re overworked.

And when you’re sick of it, curl up with a chocolate infuser or cocoa candle and be the most chocolate yogi out there

Okay maybe we’re going a bit overboard on the chocolate… So if the top four ways of overindulging on chocolate are a bit much for you, sit back and relax. Smell the cocoa brimming in the air and know that if you’ve completed the above chocolate asanas, you are the most chocolate or chocolate yogis.

What are your favorite (if not very yogic) ways to use chocolate? Tell us below

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