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Five Reasons To Take A Sick Day

I know what you’re thinking. Why waste a sick day unless you’re dying of the flu, potentially perishing from pneumonia and suffering to the point of death? Why bother? It might seem counterproductive… but your brain is a part of your body too. Sick days have a bad rap, and there are lots of reasons you might take a sick day (like I did yesterday) even if you aren’t deathly ill.

You’ve felt overly tired for the last few weeks.

Work makes you tired (you are working after all). But have you felt yourself exhausted lately and legitimately feeling like you’re dying? That might be a sign that your body needs more than the rest you try to catch up with over the weekend. Drinking five cups of coffee a day might do the trick for a bit – but do your body a favour and take a sleep sick day.

You can feel yourself just on the verge of sickness.

If there’s a tickle in your throat and you can feel something is… off, then pre-emptively take off. There’s no reason to get all your co-workers sick and be miserable for the next weeks as you try and recover from your now-bad case of a cold. Take a day to drink a lot of fluids, tea, soup and rest.

Mentally, you are a piece of burnt toast.

Sometimes it’s not your body that is screaming at you to take a break – it’s your brain. It can be something as innocent as feeling burned out, but that little burn-out could fry you if you aren’t careful. Staring at your computer screen for hours isn’t productive (even though you tell yourself it is).

Mental Health. Period.

The option above is sort of waiting until the last straw to take some time, so actually listen to your brain and decide that for your mental health, you need a day to recuperate. Everyone is different and if you need that time to readjust for a season shift or just because you’re crazy busy – take it and don’t feel bad.

You’re actually sick.

This speaks for itself. Just do it! I know that our society tells us to go and try our hardest until we’re dying from effort, but your own health is so much more important than that. My personal advice is to put your health, whatever version that may be, above everything else. You have one lifetime with your body, so treat it like your friend – and if you’re sick, rest and recover before charging out the door to be a force for good in the world.

What are your opinions on sick days yogis? Do you take them more now than it’s autumn season?

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    November 27, 2017 at 2:44 am

    Hi Gabriella,
    nice to meet you! I totally agree with you, but there could be more issues than you think. Take me as an example. I live in Italy, a “society based upon work” as our constitution says. I live and work in the most polluted area of Italy, every day I have to take a nice trip on 45 minutes through the fog to get to work, and another 45 mins to get home. I’m a fragile disabled person, and even if they say we have all the restrictions that prevent an employer to fire us, there’s still this chance. For this reason if I took a day off I would be bad-eyed by all of my (older) colleagues and employer, the chances of getting laid off become bigger. Moreover, in Italy we can’t take OUR sick day, it’s our doctor who has to verify your health (haha, what a joke) status and eventually plan one or more sick days. We don’t even have sick days for when we have period cramps. We can always take down some medicine, isn’t it? But this isn’t just my situation, there are millions of young people who struggle, and taking a sick day doesn’t seem an option. I entered this work society two years ago. I will retire at 75, according to the news. So, well… It’s not the ideal situation. But I carry my essential oils with me, and try to go on. I know there has to be a better way for a young person to deal with work without having himself crushed by this wheel.

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