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Feeling Nostalgic For The Nineties? (Also Known As The Greatest Decade)

I often think back to summer days when I was younger when I would stand in front of the minuscule television in my pink bedroom, hip thrusting and gyrating around, performing all the moves the cheerleaders did in Bring It On. Thinking back on my adolescence, full of Backstreet Boys, and Britney Spears on my yellow walkman, 3 packs of Fundip everyday that surely gave me all those pesky cavities, and Disney Channel Original Movies, I often feel a sense of longing for those easier days; what worries or responsibilities did I have? (Besides trying to catch what was on Nickelodeon that night on the scrolling T.V. Guide that always went so rapidly.)

It’s not just nostalgia for 90’s summer vacation either, my love for the decade extends into autumn when I would trek down to the library to check out Harry Potter and The Sorcerers Stone for the tenth time that month, stepping on crunch leaves and trying to figure out what costume to wear for Trick Or Treating. Of course, when I got home I just had to put on Hocus Pocus and every single Halloweentown movie.

The millennial generation has been obsessed with all things 90’s for years now, and the quicker the world seems to be going off the deep end the more we cling to the past when our biggest struggle was deciding which color jelly sandals to wear that day or how to get tickets to the newest Harry Potter movie opening night.

A 2006 study found that when participants felt nostalgic they felt positive emotions. It’s interesting to note that when we look back on a decade we consider to be a better one (like the the 90’s) we only think of happy memories. We hold memories of that decade in such high regard that we forget about things like the Rwandan Genocide or the Oklahoma City Bombing.
We’re so enthusiastic about our favorite decade that t.v. networks are jumping on the bandwagon, coming out with multiple reboots and revivals, from Fuller House to Girl Meets World, and who could forget about the Gilmore Girls revival? (Though we’re still trying to.)

Chelsea Reid, an assistant professor of psychology at the College of Charleston told Bustle, “When people experience negative affect and loneliness, they may be more likely to experience nostalgia. Which helps [them] kind of overcome a negative experience that they’re having.”

The article continued, “Dr. Reid explains that because millennials are in the middle of a transitional period in their lives — starting careers, living independently and paying bills — they’re looking to hold on to a simpler time, when responsibilities didn’t all occur at once. This results in the very definition of nostalgia: a bittersweet longing for an individual’s valued past, i.e. our obligation-free childhoods, filled with all the TV shows that are now getting reboots or revivals.”

Interested in diving into that 90’s nostalgia with full force?

1. Have a Disney Channel Original Movies marathon

Who didn’t get excited when those kids did acrobatic moves while flying through the air on that film strip? Here are 10 of the best (although I’m always open for debate) from the 90’s if you need some ideas:

1. Zenon: Girl Of The 21st Century
2. Smart House
3. Get a Clue
4. Cadet Kelly
5. Halloweentown
6. Brink
7. Under Wraps
8. Don’t Look Under the Bed
9. The Thirteenth Year
10. Johnny Tsunami

2. Make a 90’s playlist

I highly encourage watching the original music videos and participating in all the dance moves, especially the “Bye Bye Bye” video from NSYNC (you know the move!)
Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Spice Girls: Wannabe
2. Backstreet Boys: I Want It That Way
3. Aqua: Barbie Girl
4. NSYNC: Tearin’ Up My Heart
5. TLC: No Scrubs

3. Try out your origami skills and make a cootie catcher

4. Practice your handwriting with some milky gel pens

School supplies were their own currency in the 90’s!

5. Watch episodes of your favorite game shows

Who didn’t dream of climbing the Aggro Crag or talking to Olmec on Legends of the Hidden Temple? Plus, there was so much green slime!

Here are some ideas to wet your appetite for trivia and obstacle courses:

1. Legends of the Hidden Temple
2. Figure It Out
3. Double Dare
5. Wild and Crazy Kids

If all this nostalgia has gotten to you and you want to search around your attic for a Bop It and try not to break your ankle with a Skip It, we won’t judge.

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