Favorite yoga clothes can often change depending on what chapter of life you’re in.

You know, maybe you have the pair of leggings you wear after the holidays when you feel a little extra fluffy. Or the bra you wear when you feel like showing less cleavage without looking frumpy. Or maybe the underwear the underwear you choose when you need comfort over style. But my *ultimate* favorites are the ones that don’t even need to change regardless of what my body is doing (for the most part) and adapt to the needs I have in the moment. Sounds like a tall order, right? But they exist! 😉

For example, my favorite leggings that I wore pre-pregnancy are the ones that fit me almost 5 months in and I hear will last me through the rest AND postpartum too. My favorite bras are the ones that I can sleep in, strength train in, AND do yoga in without any discomfort or over exposure 😉

But I don’t want to give you a paragraph of teasers! Let’s jump right in to a list of my very favorite yoga clothes for any stage of life.

1. Lululemon Align Leggings, $98
I discovered these last year and loved them. And since being pregnant, I’ve had to change the size of a lot of items in my closet, but not these. They feel as perfectly fitted as the day I bought them, and I LOVE that. They’re pricey, but they’ll definitely last through a little (or a lot!) weight gain or loss.

2. Jockey Seamfree Cami Strap Bralette, $19 
I bought these as soon as I found out I was pregnant in an effort to contain my ever-growing chest, haha. I assumed I’d have to keep buying new ones every couple months, but so far, the size I bought originally has worked the whole time despite my chest continuing to expand at an alarming frequency! This bra is NOT for high impact workouts, but I do it ALL in these and love them. They’re comfy without looking frumpy.

3. Victorias Secret Bikini Panty, 6x for $30
When I want comfort, I reach for these. They’re inexpensive, and bonus: they fit me well at my smaller size and my pregnant size!

4. Victorias Secret Lace Waist Thong Panty, 7x for $30
Sometimes you just want to make sure you have a seamfree look in your yoga pants, and these are fantastic! They’re comfortable, you can’t see the lines, they’re inexpensive, and just like the bonus before: they fit me well at my smaller size and my pregnant size!

My point in sharing these finds isn’t to accommodate your pregnant body– afterall, not all of you are pregnant! But my point in sharing is to expose you to some items that don’t require you to be a permanent size to make them work. I have plenty of clothes that ONLY work if I’m exactly at a specific size. I love when clothes work with my body at many different stages.

Over to you! Do you have any finds like this you’d like to share? Clothes that work at many different stages? Any in particular that make you feel celebrated and beautiful regardless of your size, time of the month, age, or anything else?