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Crocs Are Back: Anyone Up for a New Handbag?

Are you a Crocs lover? Or were you one of those people who couldn’t stand the trend and was praying for it to be over? Well, what you’re about to hear next might either make you very happy or make you shake your head in utter dismay. Crocs are back – and this time, they come in the shape of a nifty handbag.

Crocs are making a bit of a comeback

Today reports that the Crocs-inspired handbag was discovered on Amazon by a few diligent shoppers, and it seems like the perfect lightweight accessory to hold all your essentials while you’re strutting around town. The handbag is made of the same famous plastic-foamy material that made so many fall in love with Crocs’ clogs.

You can use it for basically anything

This new handbag is made by Optari and you can choose between a small handbag, which sells for $19.99, or the bigger tote bag, which sells for $24.99. These handbags are marketed as being multifunctional, thanks to its waterproof texture – and let’s not forget the fact that it will be pretty easy to clean, unlike other handbags that are made of fabric. This one you can just wipe with a wet cloth and it’ll look as good as new in seconds. Thanks to its waterproof material, it can be used as more than just a handbag to carry your everyday goodies. It’s also bound to work well as a shower caddy, a beach bag, a gardening tote, or even a diaper bag.

Crocs Are Back: Anyone Up for a New Handbag?_Bad Yogi

The handbag closely resembles the shoe, holes and all.
Image: Amazon

A variety of colors are available

The handbags come in a variety of colors, just like the Crocs did, and yes, there are also various charms available to put in the holes. Those who used to have loads of different charms for their clogs can now use them again for the handbag. The unlucky ones who thought that clogs was something of the past and did away with theirs are probably lamenting that decision right now.

Crocs Are Back: Anyone Up for a New Handbag?_Bad Yogi

You can also add charms to the handbag, just like you did the shoes.
Image: Amazon

People aren’t sure what to make of it

Shoppers quickly took to social media to get the rest of the world’s opinion on the Crocs-inspired handbags, and reactions were pretty mixed. Some thought it was a cool new must-have fashion accessory, while others wished that the trend had stayed dead.

There are various options to choose from

The handbag is not the only thing that’s new – Optari also created a crossbody bag, which is made from the same Crocs-like material. It’s a lot smaller than the handbag and has interchangeable straps so you can alter the look as you see fit.

Crocs Are Back: Anyone Up for a New Handbag?_Bad Yogi

The crossbody bag has interchangeable straps.
Image: Amazon

The options for these new handbags are endless. For those who loved their Crocs and still do, these handbags are something to get excited about. Those who honestly can’t stand it will just have to look the other way until another trend hits.

What do you think of these Crocs-inspired handbags? Do you love it or hate it? Tell us in the comments!

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