As an artist, I look at my canvas as a potential for greatness. I see it for the possibilities it gives me, not only on the surface but with in the canvas itself. My canvas is a bit different than most would assume, because I use a living and breathing person, such as yourself. They are tall, short, thin, fat… you name it, I paint it.

In these last four years of my career as a body paint artist, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the most truly beautiful and inspirational human beings in my lifetime. Now I am not referring to what society deems as beautiful. Let’s face it, we all have insecurities about something in our lives. This idea of always having to impress someone by what we wear or how we look is exhausting! I think as human beings we have lost focus on simply getting to know the people around us without judgment at first glance.

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Body painting is a one of a kind emotional experience with each project I do. I praise every model of mine for their bravery to be fully exposed and bare all physical insecurities, as I the artist, stare at them directly for hours. Not exactly the kind of work that I have everyone lining up outside of my door everyday, haha. We are all terrified of loving ourselves for who we truly are and how dare we expose the world to our lack of confidence. We are so caught up in material items that we lose focus on who we are underneath the layers. The purpose behind my work is not only to make beautiful art on a human canvas, but to help others regain that confidence in loving their own body image. We are all so unique in our appearances and ways of thinking; literally not one human being is an exact replica of you in the entire world! So why are we chasing this tunnel vision idea of perfect? Even though your body may not look like that of a swimsuit model, others such as myself find the beauty in it just the way it is.

My work is very interactive and uncomfortable for most people, as I am in your personal bubble 99% of the time. This forces me to communicate and make it as comfortable as possible for my model and most of the time it turns into a therapy session. It is amazing how quickly people confide in me in such a short period of time once they feel like they are not being judged. It’s in that moment that I get to see the true person underneath all of the layers. They are smart, funny, intelligent and passionate individuals, and of course the list goes on. I think that once they get past the lack of disgust and aw on my face when they disrobe, they realize that facing a fear isn’t always as terrifying as it seems. Getting past their own insecurities allows them the chance to let their character and personality shine through. These sessions make me forget about judging others based on how they dress or how attractive they are and focus on treating them with the respect and kindness as I would like to be treated.

I feel it is a true gift that I get to witness a glimpse in someone’s life when they go from being shy and insecure to loving their body through the art that we created on the surface together, as if to watch a butterfly emerge from a cocoon. To leave them with a personal reminder that in that moment they felt beautiful in their own skin, all from just feeling accepted and loved by being free of all of the materials weighing down their confidence! I am no miracle worker. My brushes do not posses any magical healing powers. Yet, through acceptance and loving others for their individuality, I hope to make them more self aware of their own beauty through my work. Don’t be afraid to love yourself, it’s what makes you most attractive!

I want to hear all of  YOUR  fresh and unique perspectives. Share with me in the comments below!

Side note: Brittney will be a contestant on season 3 of Skin Wars, which will be premiering on GSN April 20, 2016. Set your DVR’s!