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Binging as a Lifestyle Choice: Told in GIFs

Everything online is made for binging, or so it seems. Whether it’s your newest Netflix show (I’m personally a Supergirl devotee) or the latest juice detox cleanse, our society seems bent on making everything “all or nothing.” Now, my internal yogi is screaming at me to say no to that. Moderation, she counsels. Okay… that’s all well and fine. But how am I to stop myself finishing Supergirl Season 2? How am I to not eat a whole Oreo tin as I do so?

Let’s be honest – I’m going to do it.

Regardless of anything I write here, the binge will happen. One episode will turn into more. If I buy one chocolate bar, it will be gone by 8pm. And I’m totally okay with it as long as it isn’t all time. So without further ado: here’s my binging lifestyle choice this weekend as told in GIFs.

I’m only getting this one [insert your junk food of choice]…

And then that moment where I consider self-restraint

Again tell myself “Don’t Binge.”

Vowing never to do it again

But then here I am.

When my roommate comes home after the weekend.

How about you, yogis? Are you a binger? Did any of these GIFs speak to you on a personal level?

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    Alex Edwards

    September 22, 2017 at 12:11 pm

    LOL I love this. I’m all about Netflix and chill, party of one. Last weekend I watched all of Atlanta in a day while I was doing other work around the house!

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