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Bad Yogi #tbt Week 15: Crow and Flow!

Doing crow pose never gets old!

Today’s throwback is going to help us master crow pose and incorporate it in to a yoga sequence, too. It’s always more fun to learn a pose like this AND work it in to an actual routine, don’t you think?!

Over to you! How’d it go?! Did you use pillows for a face plant or did you totally nail it on the first try?

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    Zoe Thornburgh

    May 12, 2016 at 4:14 pm

    Erin – as usual, another superb session. Thank you. But…..

    I’m struggling to get my knees into my triceps. I’ve always held the Crow balance with my elbows tucked into the inside of my knees, and now find this isn’t the way! But sticking my knees into my triceps is just waaaay too painful! Any tips? Do I just need to persevere?

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