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Bad Yogi Spotlight: Q&A with Jane Allen-Morin

Last week, we introduced you to Lori Larkin in our first Bad Yogi Spotlight, where we learned that she wakes up every weekday at 4:30am to practice yoga (our jaws are still on the ground). But in our PBYP Members Only Group, there are SO many amazing mentors, raising one another up and keeping folks accountable. Next up, we’ve got Jane Allen-Morin- the Queen of yoga pants- who really does have the most amazing assortment of yoga pants. Jane has a serious dedication to her practice, and the community as a whole. The community simply would not be the same without Jane, and we are so thankful to have her unwavering support for any of the PBYP group that needs it.
Get to know a bit more about Jane, and how she stays motivated even on the hardest days, below!

Q. How would your partner/closest friend describe you?

My partner describes me as extremely giving, incredibly thoughtful with a positive attitude. Close friends have described me as thoughtful, caring, encouraging, dependable, compassionate, inspiring, determined- and most importantly- fun loving!

Q. How do you find motivation when it feels like you have NONE?

The things that are important to me, like my yoga and meditation practice, are my non-negotiables. They have become a habit like brushing my teeth. As a result, I just do them 95% of the time.

Q. What do you think your purpose is?

I think my purpose is to enjoy life and make friends along the way! To live a thoughtful, compassionate life with respect, grace, and dignity… sprinkled with laughter, levity and humor. To grow and flourish.

Q. Do you feel like you’re living it?


Q. If all good was “health food” & there were no negative health impacts, what would you eat every day of your life?

Ice cream!

Q. Chair pose for 1 minute or plank for 1 minute?


Q. What do you wish you would see more of in the world? 


Q. What do you love/appreciate most about the Bad Yogi Community?

The sense of community, the support, the lack of judgment, and overall encouragement. I found my tribe when I hopped on board the Bad Yogi/ PBYP train!

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