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Bad Yogi Spotlight: Q&A with Allison Howell

Another week, another Bad Yogi Spotlight. This week, we’re featuring Bad Yogi’s Community Manager, Allison Howell… wait, that’s me!

I’ve got to admit, when my name was tossed into the mix, I was honored, although also a smidge embarrassed. I don’t want to highlight myself! That seems silly. “It’s my job!” I said, as a blushed through my computer screen.

But here we are… in our last week of weekly spotlights (for the time being)… and I guess I can’t hide behind my laptop any longer. Get to know a bit more about me, below! Where are my Cheetos and ice cream addicts?

Yoga with my “closest friend”.

Q. How would your partner/closest friend describe you?

I don’t know why, but I hate fishing for compliments. As much as any human loves a bit of flattery,  I just get all shy and embarrassed. I waited until the last possible moment, texting my husband while he was at work (to avoid asking him in person). He described me as: caring, enthusiastic, adventurous, patient, and understanding. Awwww, huz, you’re so sweet! Love you, mean it.

But wait, there’s more! I also asked my “closest friend” (my mother) who said “Allison is bubbly, energetic, and committed. If you’re looking for her in a group, follow the talk and laughter. She enjoys teaching, learning, and giving away yoga; traveling the world; doing art; and playing with her four furbabies. She misses her mother and wishes they lived closer to each other.”

Editors note: If you’re looking for me in a group, I’m likely the loudest one (loud talker) and I do miss my mother. I see what you did there, ma!

Q. How do you find motivation when it feels like you have NONE?

My Apple Watch yells at me! That’s how…

Just kidding… kind of. Personally, sometimes I just need to give myself a bit of tough love. While we’re all motivated by different things, I just need to put one foot in front of the other, get the stuff done, and then (like magic) I feel so dang accomplished. There have been countless workouts that I didn’t want to do, but never a time where I said “I regret that”.

Long term, our habits are habits as a result of things we repeatedly do, so I keep this in mind when I’m feeling like I’ve fallen out of routine and am slowly turning into a puddle of laziness on my couch.

Besides, the Bad Yogi in me says “if you get this good thing done… you can do that bad thing afterwards.” ¯\_()_/¯

Q. What do you think your purpose is?

Man… this is not an easy question to answer. But I think that, maybe, my purpose is to help people see the good in themselves and the world. We all have it in us, but we can be crippled in doubt over our worth. It took a LONG time for me to learn to fully love myself, and if I can help others find it sooner, then I’m doing my job.

When I was a teenager, a group of friends made fun of me for always trusting people and assuming they were good. Their mindset was that trust is earned, and you start with hesitation towards their ‘good’. I’ve always believed, even in the darkest of times, that people are innately good, and when we celebrate and honor that, we can really change the world.

Q. Do you feel like you’re living it?

I’m trying, and I think I am! It’s a core element incorporated into the yoga classes that I teach, and something I try to encourage within the Bad Yogi community. I have such high hopes for this world if we all just do a weeeee bit to make it a better place and believe in ourselves in the process.

Q. If all good was “health food” & there were no negative health impacts, what would you eat every day of your life? 

My gut response is “Cheetos” because that’s what automatically comes out of my mouth as an example of junk food. However, I should probably throw ice cream into the mix, since I seemingly can’t keep a pint in my freezer without it “disappearing” a couple hours after purchase.

Q. Chair pose for 1 minute or plank for 1 minute?

This is literally a choice between two different forms of slow torture, just for the record. But if I had to, I’d choose plank. 

Q. What do you wish you would see more of in the world?

Kindness. Acceptance. Acceptance of diversity. Curiosity to understand diversity. We are all so much more similar than we choose to realize. Frequently, I’ll close my yoga classes with the following: 

“My soul honors your soul. I honor the space in you where the entire Universe resides. I honor the light, love, truth, beauty and peace within each of you, because it is also within me. In sharing these things, we are the same. We are united. WE ARE ONE.”

I wish more people took this truth to heart.

Q. What do you love/appreciate most about the Bad Yogi Community?

EVERYONE fits in. By that, I mean that Bad Yogi is really doing something right in helping people of all walks of life realize that yoga is accessible to them, and that they have a home within the world that is yoga. 

Everyone is rooting for one another. Everyone is supportive and kind. It blows me away every single day, and I feel beyond grateful to get to be a part of it.

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