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5 Ways You Know You’re a Bad Yogi Mama

I would like to just get real for a minute.

As a mama, I know that behind every super-cute mama & mini yoga picture on Instagram, there is a child who has peed on a yoga mat, another one in the background coloring on the wall, and one screaming & refusing to go down for their nap. (Which, as Yogi Mamas, we all know is one of our only times to unroll our mats!)

Here are 5 ways you know you are a Bad Yogi Mama:

1) Doing yoga with a headache is a thing.
It’s normal. So is shouting, “Do not color in your belly button!” mid-Sun Salute.

2) Sometimes your practice is less about practicing the poses…
…and more about practicing patience, and resisting the urge to lock yourself in the bathroom so that no one steals your food while you eat over the sink.

3) You compare holding boat pose to the labor of your child.
“Hee-hee hooooo,” amirite?

4) You have stopped comparing your body to that Instagram Yogi Mama you follow.
AND you have come to terms with the extra few fat cells you have been blessed with, because that extra fat cell gave you an extra yogi buddy for life!

5) All jokes aside: You’re able to take a few breaths before reacting.
(OK, on most days.) And the feeling you get when your little yogi busts a down dog and giggles is equal to the yoga high you get after an hour long studio class.

As Yogi Mamas, we love both worlds! We love our tiny humans, and we also love our solo yoga practice. Being a Bad Yogi Mama just reminds us that we can have the best of both worlds! Only with a little extra imperfection, mess, and laughs!

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    May 22, 2016 at 7:56 am

    Yes!! I especially love it when I have to yell “I’m not supposed to be mad doing yoga!” My kids think it’s hilarious to stress me out or make bodily noises while I’m holding tough poses. Oh well, I still make it happen though and that way we all benefit from the practice.

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