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Bad Yogi Community Spotlight: Three Questions With Our Bad Yogi Studio Subscription Winners

Is birthday month hangover a thing? Because we had so much fun celebrating turning TWO last month, and it’s all thanks to you! In honor of our second birthday, we gave away two 1-year subscriptions to Bad Yogi Studio, our online and app-based yoga studio with more than 60 hours of content (more added weekly).

The lucky winners were two lovelies ladies named Hannah and Jasmin, and we just had to know a bit more about them. Without further ado- three questions with Hannah and Jasmin.

How did you find yoga?

Jasmin- “I actually found my way to yoga through Bad Yogi (: My housemate, who I lived with 5 years ago, introduced me to the (original) 30 day yoga challenge and I liked it so much, I’ve been hooked ever since! Erin is a legend.”

Hannah- “I found yoga at my local gym when I was 16. It seemed to help manage the symptoms of my mental illness. I loved it so much, I trained to become a teacher, I’m now a 500hr BWY (British Wheel of Yoga) teacher in Wales.”

What do you love about yoga?

Jasmin- “First I got into yoga because it helped me manage chronic lower back pain. Slowly but surely I have started to love the way it makes me feel- confident, relaxed and at peace with myself & my surroundings.”

Hannah- “I love that yoga can always bring you back in to the moment, it connects and grounds you back to the natural world.”

What’s your favorite pose?

Jasmin- “I enjoy the reclined spinal twists the most. If I have time for only one quick pose- that’s the one I will always choose.”

Hannah- “My favorite pose is Half moon pose. As I feel strong, balanced and It gives me the opportunity to view the world from a different perspective!”

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