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Bad Yogi City Guide: Portland, OR

Ahh, Portland. Few places are as well-known for their yoga-friendliness and general weirdness. That one TV show even did a sketch about it.

As over-hyped as Portland may seem to most of us (especially those of us in Oregon), it’s true that there’s plenty do and see here. Let’s check it out!

Yoga Studios

From my yoga teacher training in Portland!

There are plenty of yoga studios to choose from, but I do have a few favorites! The Yoga Space has two locations, one on each side of the river. The west location looks and feels like a church, and the east one is just as cute. The Bhaktishop is another great choice on the east side, especially if you love kirtan. If you want to spend a little less, The People’s Yoga is pretty affordable. And if you love hot yoga, Hot Yoga For Life is a friendly Bikram-style (shhh) studio.

Eat & Drink

This is another section that could go on forever, so I’ve limited myself to just a few! For the most yogic meal of your life, check out Harlow. Plenty of vegan gluten-free food, juices, cocktails, and cooler full of kombucha. It’s basically heaven.

For a nice meal, Bamboo Sushi is the place to go. They focus on sustainable food and have delicious non-fish options as well. Harvest at the Bindery is another favorite of mine at a slightly-higher-than-average price point, and it’s all vegan! Their brunch is delicious too.

If the rainy gray weather has you craving soup, Boxer Ramen is delicious. The Boxer Ramen folks also run Blue Star Donuts and Little Big Burger, which should definitely be on your list too.

If you want to get a cheesy great view of the city, Noble Rot is a cute (if slightly pretentious) place for drinks and food. And to stay on the tourist circuit, stop by one of Salt & Straw‘s locations for delicious ice cream. The line is worth it (and that’s coming from a local), and it’s not too bad if you go early. And if you need to snap a selfie at a food cart to prove you went to Portland, Cartopia has lots to choose from!

Shop & Stay In

Seriously, has there ever been a cuter tattoo shop?

Portland has a ton of neat movie theaters, so if you get a chance, take in a flick at the Bagdad, Hollywood, or Laurelhurst. Visit the giant Powell’s Books downtown (it’s another touristy thing that is so worth it), or stop by the smaller satellite location on Hawthorne. You’ll find plenty of other cute shops in that area, so why not? There are a few other areas that have nice collections of boutiques and brunch places, so be sure to hit up N. Mississippi and NE Alberta, in Portland’s most-currently-gentrifying areas. If you stop by Alberta, Gladys Bikes is the cutest lady-run bike shop ever. NW 23rd is another one, and they happen to have my favorite bike shop. If you get out of the city a bit into Sellwood, Portland Homestead Supply is a DIYer’s heaven.

OMSI (a super kid-friendly science museum) and Portland Art Museum will get you started on the arts scene. Galleries, indie art projects, and live music venues abound all over the city, so you’ll have a hard time *not* stumbling into those.

If you feel like getting inked while you’re here, Icon Tattoo is a bright and friendly all-lady tattoo shop that totally dispels every gross tattoo shop stereotype. I highly recommend it!

Get Outside

One of the reservoirs at Mount Tabor.

Mount Tabor and Laurelhurst Park are great inner-SE outdoor destinations. Mount Tabor is the only active volcano inside city limits in the country, so you can cross that off your bucket list. Forest Park is also a popular hiking/biking/everything outdoors area, and it’s huge!

There’s something for just about everyone in Portland and so much more than could even be covered in one blog post, so definitely do your research and make it part of your next trip!

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  1. Chuck Vadun

    Chuck Vadun

    May 8, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    Great stuff, Alex! I’m excited for my next visit to Portland so I can try out all these tips! Also, readers, if you’re into watching professional soccer, take in a match at Providence Park – both the Timbers (men’s) and Thorns (women’s) teams bring in big crowds and a fun atmosphere.

  2. Amanda Sides

    Amanda Sides

    May 8, 2017 at 9:10 pm

    I’ve been wanting to go to Portland!

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