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Bad Yogi City Guide: Miami

Set aside some time to enjoy the Miami sun

When I moved to Miami, I spent the first two weeks sweating profusely and napping to compensate for the heat and humidity. Now I’m eagerly taking outdoor boot camp classes and willingly sweating through yoga and pilates. I thank the health and wellness community here for my dramatic shift, and am excited to share some of my favorite spots for bad yogis traveling to Miami.


It was so difficult to narrow down my choices for yoga studios! There are many excellent studios and teachers in the Miami area that are not included here. As for free yoga, we have that too. Every day 3rd Street Yoga offers free yoga on the beach at 7:00am and 6:00pm on the beach between 3rd Street and Ocean Drive. Dharma Yoga also hosts free yoga in Peacock Park in Coconut Grove on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 6:00pm, and Saturday at 8:00am on the rooftop of the Mayfair Hotel.

First, my home studio, Om Movement, is located in Coconut Grove, a laidback and bohemian neighborhood in the middle of Miami. Before discovering Om, I was too intimidated to try advanced poses. Om emphasizes physical alignment, which has helped me become stronger and in my practice in a sustainable way. Variety in movement styles is Om’s signature, which includes vinyasa, power, restorative, Skanda, and Fluidus Method classes. My favorite class is Om Hybrid, one of the studio’s signature classes, which begins with a high intensity functional movement class (think kettlebells, squats, burpees) and ends with a relaxing yoga practice.

I love being active generally, and often hop from yoga to spin to pilates and barre and never feel like I have enough time for any of them. Given this problem, I was very happy when Buddha Shack recently opened in Coconut Grove. Buddha Shack’s Buddha Burn class is an infusion of vinyasa flow and bodyweight exercises including burpees, planks, and lunges. You’ll leave with both a yoga high and the adrenaline rush that comes with a tough and sweaty workout. Music is a key element of Buddha Shack’s philosophy, and carefully curated non-traditional playlists enhance the class experience.

If you’re in the Wynwood neighborhood, Love Life Wellness is a perfect place to get your practice on and then chill. My favorite class, Hot Yin, will help you melt into relaxation from the beginning. Love Life offers vinyasa, power, Skanda, and restorative classes. After, you can enjoy the café, boutique, and lounge area.

Green Monkey Yoga, with locations in Coral Gables and Miami Beach, is a staple in the Miami yoga community. The studio is known for its power vinyasa classes, emphasizing the balance between strength and play. The evening vibes classes are held in the dark and incorporate modern music, offering a less intimidating environment for new yogis.

Miami beach sunsets


Juice lovers and vegetarians must hit up Greenlife Organic Bistro and Raw Juce. Greenlife, with locations in Coral Gables and Brickell, is almost completely to blame for my addiction to almond butter acai bowls. Raw Juce makes green protein juice taste good and, in my opinion, that isn’t easy to do. Raw Juce has locations in Aventura, Coral Gables, and South Beach so that you can get your juice fix easily.

When it’s time for a full meal, Migonette is my go-to place for oysters and seafood. It’s located downtown, so it’s a great dinner spot if you’re planning to attend an evening game or show. I’m also all about their biscuits and mango butter, and of course the fresh and tasty oysters.  If you’re in the mood for Southern food, Yardbird in South Beach gets my highest recommendation. The fried chicken and waffles are melt in your mouth good, and the biscuits are fantastic (can you tell I love biscuits?).


Wynwood is the neighborhood to hit up if you want to check out local beers in Miami. When I first walked into J. Wakefield Brewing to Star Wars posters plastered on the wall, I knew this brewery would be hard to beat. The brewing scene in Florida is growing, and JK Wakefield has delicious beers, including the citrus infused, hoppy Hops for Teacher IPA. Next step on your tour is Concrete Beach Brewery. Concrete Beach evokes exactly what you would expect from the name. Industrial and airy, it’s the perfect place to grab a flight of beers after checking out Wynwood.

After, check out Brickell for bar hopping. Sugar, located on the rooftop of the East Hotel in Brickell, offers one of my favorite views. Upon arrival, you feel like you’ve escaped the city streets and entered a lush paradise of greenery. Check it out around sunset to take in the panoramic views and stay for the cocktails and Asian tapas. For a more low-key, neighborhood bar experience, Better Days combines the allure of high quality, classy cocktails with a laidback atmosphere and fun board games.

Iguanas hanging out at Bill Baggs Park


Now, for the beaches – what you’re really here to see! South Pointe Park is popular for a reason. It has walking paths, food, contemporary art, and gorgeous views, making it well worth the visit. Getting there early is key to avoiding the crowds. Bill Baggs Park on Key Biscayne is a great alternative to the hustle of South Beach. A more family friendly beach than South Beach, parking is easier and it’s a great destination for a beach picnic. Relax, enjoy the beach, and take a leisurely walk to the lighthouse! If you want to be outside and aren’t feeling the beach, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden is a fantastic way to spend the day. The garden has the largest living collection of palms in the world and is a lovely place to escape.

If you find yourself in Miami, be sure to check some of these places out. Let me know if the comments your favorite places here!

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